With just a little preparation, you can turn fresh Artichokes into the highlight of your next meal! Learn how to prepare an artichoke following these simple step-by-step instructions so you can cook and serve the perfect meal:

Whole Artichoke:

Serving a whole cooked artichoke as an appetizer is the most common method, allowing one or more persons to pull off and eat the individual petals. When you get to the round area at the base, scoop out the fuzzy top layer and enjoy the heart. Slice the scrumptious artichoke heart into bite-size pieces.




Making Two Servings With One Artichoke:

An ideal side dish is to take the whole, cooked artichoke and cut it in half – from the top to the end of the stem.


Using a spoon, scoop out the fuzzy center of the artichoke heart from both halves. You then have two individual artichoke servings.


How To Serve An Artichoke Restaurant-Style:

Spread open the petals of a cooked artichoke to expose the center petals. Pull the tender petals up


Pull the tender petals up and out of the artichoke so that the artichoke heart is exposed. Using a spoon, carefully remove the fuzzy top layer without scraping away the heart.


Now the artichoke is ready to serve or stuffed.