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August 2010
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As summer winds to a close, we can still enjoy the warmer weather by grilling with family and friends. Artichokes are delicious when finished off on the grill. In this newsletter, get grilling instructions and tips, and some terrific grilling recipes.

Did you know Artichokes are rich in fiber? Watch a video of Dr. Oz sharing just how much fiber is in a serving of Artichokes! And, as always, you can enter our monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win a carton of fresh Artichokes.

Enjoy! And thank you for being a loyal Artichoke Aficionado member.

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Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Ask The Chef
Greening of the Grill
Once considered something of a novelty, grilling vegetables is now a common practice in backyards across the country. Grilled vegetables make beautiful side dishes with bright, intense flavors, with the added benefit that they are quick and easy to make.

Read the entire article to get great grilling tips.
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Did You Know Image
Did You Know
Great Artichoke
Grilling Recipes!
Check out our grilling digital cookbook for delicious grilling recipes for Artichokes and other Ocean Mist vegetables. To see all of our grilling recipes, click on the grilling icon on the recipes page.
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Sweepstakes Image
Win Artichokes!
Thanks to all members who entered the last sweepstakes, and congratulations to our winner, Kelly from Savoy, Ill.

Take part in this month's sweepstakes, and you can win a carton of fresh Green Globe Artichokes. From How to Make an Easy Grilled Artichoke, at what temperature should you grill Artichokes?

Dr. Oz
Artichokes Rank High on Dr. Oz's Fiber List!
Watch a video clip from a Dr. Oz episode on "Foods That Move You." Learn just how much fiber is in Artichokes!
Grilled Artichokes with Lemon
Grilled Artichokes
with Lemon
Our Grilled Artichokes with Lemon recipe is a fresh, delightful dish to prepare for your guests or family. For some helpful grilling tips, watch our short grilling video.
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Crop Update
Crop Update
Large to medium Artichokes are in season now! Look for Artichokes that are about the size of a baseball or tennis ball with good, green color at your local retail store.
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