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June 2010
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It's officially summer and that means picnics, barbeques and many other fun get-togethers. In this newsletter, you will get tips for using Artichokes in your Independence Day menu and to decorate for the celebration. We are also featuring great recipes - including one from an Artichoke Aficionado member and one from Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano. And, as always, you can enter our monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win a carton of Artichokes. You can also read about what type of Artichokes are abundant in June!

Enjoy! And thank you for being a loyal Artichoke Aficionado member.
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Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Ask The Chef
Independence Day
A Time for Family, Friends, Food ... and Artichokes!
With Independence Day right around the corner, it's not too early to start thinking about the delicious food you will be serving and to start planning your menu. Food has always played an important role in American history: from the Boston Tea Party to the coalition-building ice cream socials held by first lady Dolly Madison at the White House. And the food served at Independence Day barbeques and picnics is no exception.

Read this full article to find out how adding Artichokes to your menu can be a fun, fresh way to add green to your red, white and blue party!
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Did You Know Image
Did You Know
Brian Boitano's Artichoke and Spinach Pasta Dish
Did you know that chef and Olympic gold medal figure skater Brian Boitano likes Artichokes? Boitano shared his recipe for Artichoke and Spinach Pasta with The Today Show on NBC. The recipe is simple and delicious - perfect for a summer meal!
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Sweepstakes Image
Win Artichokes!
Thanks to all members who entered the last sweepstakes, and congratulations to our winner, Terry, who won a carton of Baby Artichokes.

Take part in this month's sweepstakes, and you can win a carton of Green Globe Artichokes. From Anatomy of an Artichoke, the Artichoke is one of the most visually fascinating vegetables. But what part of the Artichoke is edible?

  A. The base of the petals
  B. The center of the stem
  C. The Artichoke Heart
  D. All of the above
Member Recipes
Member Recipe
Healthy, Hearty, Flavorful Artichokes
Francine, Mountain Home, Ark.
Artichoke Aficionado club member, Francine, keeps her Artichokes heart healthy by flavoring them with spices instead of butter or oil. Try her recipe and then tell her how much you loved it by rating the recipe.
Our Artichips recipe is a healthy alternative to regular chips. The barbeque seasoning adds an unexpected flavor kick, and two Artichokes worth of Artichips have only 150 calories!
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Crop Update
Crop Update
Jumbo Artichokes are abundant during the month of June. These large-sized Artichokes are great for halving and grilling on the backyard barbeque! Check out our recipe for Easy Grilled Artichokes for a simple and delicious way to prepare your Artichokes this summer!
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