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March 2010
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Artichokes Play an Important Part in Spring Holiday Eating Occasions

Artichokes are a beloved vegetable that not only help improve health, but also are enjoyed at celebrations and events for family and friends. In this month’s article, we’ll share how Artichokes are used at the traditional celebration of St. Joseph’s Table, as well as give you information on how Artichokes can benefit your health.

Find out how Artichokes are used during celebrations.

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Do you have a recipe featuring Artichokes or other Ocean Mist Farms' veggies that you want to share with others? Send it to us through our online recipe submission function. The first 25 Artichoke Aficionados to submit a recipe online will win an Ocean Mist Farms’ reusable grocery bag!
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Win Artichokes!
Thanks to all members who entered the last sweepstakes, and congratulations to our winner, Brittany from
Netcong, N.J.

Take part in this month’s sweepstakes, and you can win a carton of Green Globe Artichokes. From Anatomy of an Artichoke, how wide does the Artichoke plant grow?

  A. About 1 foot
  B. About 6 feet
  C. About 15 feet
  D. About 30 feet
Meet Our People
Member Recipe
Stuffed Artichokes
ala DePerry
Judie, Palm Desert, California

Artichoke Aficionado club member, Judie, shares her recipe for stuffed Artichokes that uses tasty Italian cheeses and breadcrumbs to turn our favorite vegetable into a dinnertime masterpiece.

Check out the recipe!

Digital Cook Book - Soups
Digital Cook Book
From Artichoke and Clam Chowder to Artichoke Sourdough Bisque, our digital cookbook is full of delicious soup recipes that can warm things up at your
dinner table.
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Crop Update
Green Globes
March is the start of the Artichoke season in Castroville, Calif., with the beginning of the crop of a preferred Artichoke variety by foodies and chefs alike - the classic Green Globe variety.  As the weather warms up later this month, so will the volume and availability of the green globes, making them easier to find in your stores.
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