Our Benefits

We are proud of the benefits that we offer, which include great compensation, an emphasis on work-life balance, health insurance coverage, insurance for your financial protection, and savings and investment plans.

These benefits are offered to regular, full-time employees. Benefits eligibility is dependent upon a variety of factors, including employee classifications.


Our salaries are more than competitive with other fresh-produce companies.

Work Life Balance

Per calendar year, we offer six paid holidays, a floating day, up to three weeks of vacation and up to 12 sick days.

Health Insurance

We offer employees and their dependents pre-tax health benefits, sponsored by Ocean Mist Farms and administered by Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. (PCMI). The health plan networks include Anthem Blue Cross of California and Blue Cross Shield of Arizona.

Ocean Mist Farms offers the following benefits:

  • Medical Benefit — Preferred Provider Option (PPO) with access to the Anthem Blue Cross of California or Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona Prudent Buyer Network.
  • Dental Benefit – With access to the dental offices within the Anthem Blue Cross Network.
  • Vision Care Benefit — Administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP).
  • Prescription Drug Benefit — Administered by RESTAT, American Health Care and Immediate Pharmaceutical Services (I.P.S.).

Financial Protection

Ocean Mist Farms takes care to provide insurance for your financial protection.

  • Long-Term Disability — You will receive a substantial portion of your income, if you are disabled for an extended period of time.
  • Group Life Insurance — Ten thousand dollars of life insurance benefits is automatically offered by the company at no cost to you and there is an option to purchase additional coverage.
  • Workers’ Compensation — For temporary disability related to job injury or illness.

Savings and Investment Plans

Ocean Mist Farms offers you several avenues for tax-deferred savings and investment.

401(k) — Diversified investment options that can help you save and invest for the future. Take advantage of Fidelity Investments 401(k) withholdings in any of the available funds in the plan and save regularly for your retirement with elective payroll deferrals.

Profit-Sharing Plan — Ocean Mist Farms provides a government-approved profit-sharing plan for the benefit of eligible employees. This plan is designed to provide an income when you reach retirement age.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – Ocean Mist Farms provides an FSA program to offset out-of-pocket expenses for medical and dependent care expenses.

Employee Wellness

  • On-site exercise room
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • And, on occasion, free produce!

Education Reimbursement

Ocean Mist Farms also provides an education reimbursement program, development seminars, in-house and offsite seminars to expand and improve our employee knowledge base.