When thinking of versatile and easy to prepare ingredients for your favorite dishes, KalettesTM may not be the first vegetable to come to mind (maybe you haven’t even heard of it until now).  But this non-GMO hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts combines the best qualities of these two fan-favorite veggies to create a unique product that delivers sweet and nutty flavors and is so easy to prepare that even the most novice of home cooks can feel like the next culinary genius.

Because of the Kalette’sTM versatility, there are many ways to cook them, which we cover in detail below.  But beyond being potentially your next go-to staple ingredient, they pack 120% of your daily dose of vitamin K, 10% of vitamin B6, 40% of vitamin C, and 4g of protein per 85g serving.  That’s why this newcomer may give other vegetables a run for their money.