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Ocean Mist Farms provides a library of recipes and serving suggestions

CASTROVILLE, Calif.(Dec. 7, 2010) – It’s no wonder that Italians have a romance with food when the family of vegetables known as Italian vegetables are so flavorful and versatile.

Italy has been called one great vegetable patch; anything that can be grown is grown and turned into delicious side dishes of one sort or another. many of which can also double as a main course in a light meal.

The climate in California is very similar to the mild. temperate growing regions of Italy which allows Ocean Mist Farms to grow a wide array of Italian vegetables, which are also a part of our heritage year round. Over the years, the growers at Ocean Mist Farms developed a library of easy-to-follow recipes for all the well-known, and some not so well-known, Italian vegetables such as Artichokes, Brussels sprouts, fennel, and cardone.

trader joes 2 count fennel clamshell

These healthy, colorful, and delicious Italian dishes include fast Italian wedding soup with spinach and fennel; or cardone quiche perfect for Sunday bunch. Cardone adds a nuanced flavor to a brunch staple. Serve with a colorful salad of fresh fruit.

Brussels sprouts are a perennial holiday favorite. A very good source of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, K, and B6, use shredded Brussels sprouts for a healthy salad option or Brussels sprouts and applesauce for a twist on comfort food during the season ahead of chilly nights.

“Many cooks may be surprised to learn how easy these specialty vegetables are to prepare or add unique flavors to traditional recipes,” said Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development.

“Eating your vegetables can be a pleasure when you serve hearty Italian vegetable dishes that can be the highlight of any meal,” Tuggle said. “If you are unable to find any of these Italian specialty items, request them with the produce manager at your preferred grocery store. Let them know you connected with the grower and confirmed they are in season now and available to order.”

Look for a new convenient two-bulb package of fennel at all Trader Joe’s stores now in the Trader Joe’s private label. For more information as well as recipes and cooking tips, please visit

Consumers should watch for "Frost Kissed" artichokes in stores

CASTROVILLE, Calif.(Dec. 8, 2010) – As a result of the recent cold temperatures throughout California, highly flavorful fresh artichokes known as “Frost Kissed” artichokes are now available to purchase in local area grocery stores.

Artichokes are frost kissed when the temperature drops below 32 degrees.

“The impact of frost on artichokes is similar to how human skin reacts to a sunburn,” said Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development Ocean Mist Farms. “Frost burns the outside layer of the artichoke causing it to turn brown flake and peel.”

Cooking the artichoke removes the brown peeling outer layer resulting in the soft green artichoke that people know and love.


“Frosting is strictly a cosmetic condition,” Tuggle said. “While the brownish color may not look pretty, frost kissed artichokes taste wonderful. The cold weather concentrates the natural artichoke flavors into a more intense nutty flavor.”

Artichoke lovers can visit the Ocean Mist Farms web site to learn more about these unique seasonal artichokes.

“A frost kissed artichoke is a very unique item that is only available during winter months,” Tuggle said. “Because they are seasonal, we want people to look for them at the grocery store and be sure to buy them during the short time they are in stock.”

Upgrades to processing plant will double previous capacity

CASTROVILLE, Calif.(Dec. 6, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is completing the expansion of its Baja Mist production facility in order to increase its Mexico-grown product offerings. The facility is located in the Mexicali Valley of Mexico.

When completed in January, the plant will have double the capacity to process and ship Ocean Mist products including iceless green onions, Brussels sprouts, leeks, and radishes along with other future items.

The facility will mirror the companys U.S. operations from a processing and food safety standpoint said Ocean Mist Farms Vice President of Production Troy Boutonnet.

civil works expansion progress_baja mist

So far, 90 percent of all ancillary buildings docks (receiving and loading), and new additions are completed.

“Customer demand for green onions and Brussels sprouts exceeded Oceans Mist current capacity,” Boutonnet said.

In the latest 52-weeks ending Aug. 28, 2010, Brussels sprouts sales increased 12.5% nationally compared to the prior year, bringing average sales to $62 per- store-per-week (Source: Perishables Group FreshFacts).

“The state of the art, highly innovative cooler design, is patterned after many years of existing green onion processing facility observations leading to design innovations addressing product quality, shelf life and product food safety, and security,” Boutonnet said.

“Our design greatly exceeds the current industry standards for product risk management,” Boutonnet said. “We want this facility to be a showcase for all green onion producers regardless of the location.”

Environmentally-friendly packaging, sustainable growing methods and more featured

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (Nov. 2, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms recently added a new section to its web site,, dedicated to reporting about the company’s sustainability initiatives.

“Sustainability and environmental stewardship is a core value for Ocean Mist Farms with a commitment to preserving natural resources and ecosystems,” said Afreen Malik, environmental stewardship and food safety manager.

“Respect for our natural resources, including the employees who make our success possible, and the environment in which they work, is central to our organization,” Malik said. “We are committed to preserving and enhancing not only the land on which we farm, but also the surrounding ecosystems and we wanted to share our progress with our trade partners and consumers.”

Ocean Mist Farms

One example of Ocean Mist Farms’ conservation efforts is its alliance with an environmental group in Monterey County to convert Ocean Mist farmland into wet lands of the Elkhorn Slough. In addition, Ocean Mist Farms is making efforts in the following areas of environmental stewardship: Soil healt, and fertility, resource conservation, packaging, integrated pest management, and reducing its carbon footprint overall.

Regular progress reports will be posted on the site to update readers on how Ocean Mist Farms is doing on managing its carbon footprint moving forward.

“Our future goals are to continue to find new ways big and small to conserve our natural resources,” Malik said. “This includes continued research to find new ways to conserve water and improve water quality and working with experts to benchmark current efforts and set concrete, measurable goals for the future.”

Environmentally-friendly packaging, sustainable menu items and serve ware to be featured

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (Oct. 4, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is setting an example of environmental responsibility with multiple activities at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando.

“Ocean Mist Farms is using the same conservation methods at our PMA Fresh Summit booth (#2681) that we employ at company headquarters in Castroville, Calif.,” said Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development. For example, the company will have on-site spring water dispensers; water cups made of compostable corn material, and will give away stainless re-usable water bottles and earth friendly shopping totes.

Ocean Mist Farms will also debut the company’s new wax less, recyclable carton, an alternative to the traditional industry standard of a waxed carton for the hydro cooled vegetable commodities of celery, broccoli, romaine, and a new two-count clamshell package for fennel.

fennel 2

“Because these wax less-alternative cartons are recyclable, they can be placed by end users in regular corrugated container bales, which minimizes the amount of paper that goes into a landfill and increases grocers’ recycling revenue,” Tuggle said.

Well known for attracting attendees with food prepared by Chef Tony Baker of Montrio Bistro in Monterey, Calif., Ocean Mist Farms will serve a daily menu featuring sustainable ingredients such as ocean-friendly seafood and humanely raised pork. Booth visitors on Saturday can sample pancetta wrapped Florida white shrimp with shaved Ocean Mist Farms fennel citrus slaw and risotto of baby artichokes. Sunday’s menu will feature artichoke stuffed and bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with mustard cauliflower mash and red wine reduction. Ocean Mist Farms will wrap up the Fresh Summit on Monday with pizzas made to order.

Ocean Mist Farms will also have compost receptacles in the booth, making it easy to recycle/compost the earth-friendly plates, water cups, napkins, and eating utensils used through its daily menu sampling.

“With the amount of waste we create on a daily basis in our booth at Fresh Summit, it only makes sense to use the same recycling practices we do at our own business facilities,” Tuggle said. “We feel good about making it easier for our booth visitors in Orlando to reduce-reuse-recycle.”

Eat Pray Love movie offer debuts Thanksgiving week

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (Sept. 30, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is partnering with Sony this fall to promote the of release of the movie Eat Pray Love on DVD.

The retail offer includes an instant redeemable coupon for $3 off a purchase of Sony’s Eat Pray Love movie on DVD with the purchase of an Ocean Mist Farms artichoke.

More than 150,000 IRCs will be affixed to bulk artichokes sold nationwide at retailers carrying Ocean Mist Farms artichokes from Nov. 30 through Dec. 31. The target market for the movie is females, 18 and older which relates to the profile of an artichoke consumer.

Ocean Mist Farms Eat Pray Love Artichoke

Ocean Mist Farms will also provide the IRC directly to the 7,500 members of its Artichoke Aficionados Club. (Visit to join.)

This is the second cross-promotion for bulk artichokes for Ocean Mist Farms and the company plans more in the future.

“We saw this as an opportunity to promote sales of artichokes at regular retail pricing while offering shoppers instant cash back for a hot DVD gift item this holiday season,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager.

“In the movie, Julia Roberts stars as the main character who explores the art of pleasure through food during a visit to Italy and enjoys eating local foods such as artichokes,” Tuggle said.

Artichoke growers provide seasonal vegetable grilling cookbook online

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (August 12, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms, the largest grower of fresh artichokes in the country, is greening up backyards grills this summer by offering a digital version of its new vegetable grilling cookbook free, online.

The vegetable grilling cookbook is the most recent in a series the company decided to distribute digitally rather than through more traditional forms of publishing.

grilling cookbook cover

“We put a lot of effort into creating cooking videos and digital cookbooks to enhance the experience of visitors to our Web site and give them more than what they were expecting with a traditional recipe search online,” said Kori Tuggle, company marketing manager. “From the traffic trends we discover online, we modify our site content to cater to what people are looking for.”

The online publication has virtual pages that can be turned by clicking the mouse or the clicking the navigation bar. The cookbook can also be searched inside for words, figures and full sentences, printed, or saved as a PDF file and shared with friends electronically.

“We know people use the Internet for recipes and we want to be their source of information for cooking vegetables and fresh artichokes in particular,” Tuggle said. “We’re using all forms of digital communication, from our Web site to social media, to help make cooking artichokes easier and more fun.”

Ocean Mist receives a monthly average of 40,000 unique visitors to its Web site, with more than 50 percent of the visitors coming to the site specifically for artichoke recipes based on the volume of Web site pages viewed. In April alone, during peak of the artichoke spring season, the company had more than 15,000 recipes views and over 70,000 cooking video views.

Company to have a classroom named for it

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – Aug. 11, 2010 – Ocean Mist Farms is supporting the expanded agriculture program at Hartnell College in Salinas with a gift of $100,000.

The company will have a classroom named for it in the Center for Advanced Technology building now under construction and scheduled to open January 2011.

The new 40,000-square-foot building will include science labs, industry training rooms, smart classrooms, and diesel ag mechanics and welding shops. An additional 15-20 acres on the Alisal campus will be available for hands-on learning laboratories for students in the ag business, food safety, and ag mechanics programs.

alisal 003

The need for the ag program is apparent in the current enrollment numbers; from 186 in fall 2006, it has increased to more than 500 enrollments in the fall of 2010.

Neil Ledford, dean of advanced technology, at Hartnell College Ag Business and Technology Institute, said the ag industry in Monterey County acknowledges the need and the progress of the Ag Institute by actively participating on the fundraising and curriculum committees and by sending employees to classes and training sessions.

More than 550 attendees have participated in one of the short courses in food safety, wine cellar technician training, precision technology, and the school’s two day Food Safety Summit had more than 70 participants per day.

Ocean Mist Farms has several connections to the college; Afreen Malik, manager of food safety/environmental stewardship at Ocean Mist Farms, is an instructor and advisory member in the food safety program, Joe Pezzini, COO, is a member in the ag business, marketing, and production advisory committee, and company CEO Ed Boutonnet attended the ag program in the past.

“Hartnell College is doing an outstanding job caring for our community and helping invest in our future workforce,” Boutonnet said.
For more information about Ocean Mist, visit; for more information about the ag program visit

Baja Mist project scheduled for completion December 2010

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (July 15, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is expanding its production facility, Baja Mist, located in Mexicali Valley, Mexico, in order to accommodate sales growth for its year round program of product grown in Mexico with commodities such as green onions and brussels sprouts.
Ocean Mist Farms has been growing product in Mexico since 2003.

baja mist pic for website

Photo Left: Gilberto Quintana, General Manager Baja Mist
Photo Right: Troy Boutonnet, VP Production Ocean Mist Farms

“We wanted to design, develop, and construct a state of the art green onion processing and cooling facility which integrated all aspects of food safety in an environment that allows us to create superior iceless products with extended shelf life,” said Ocean Mist Farms Vice President of Production Troy Boutonnet. “Our goal is to modernize our entire facility and all of its subsystems and practices in order to create the cleanest, safest products in their class. Expansion, coupled with modernization is the starting line of our goals toward complete customer satisfaction.”

Including the new concrete and asphalt areas, process water retention areas, etc., the company is improving more than a total of 75,000 feet of the property in some capacity.

The original Baja Mist facility was 9,100 square feet; the total square footage of the upgraded area and new construction is 17,710 square feet plus ancillary buildings that will contain, ice making, refrigeration equipment and chiller room, and an office which adds another 6,000 square feet to the project.

Additionally, a new receiving dock will prevent washed product crossing paths with inbound field totes and two finished product shipping doors in the new cold room will ensure that cooled product never breaks cold chain compliance during the truck loading process.

“We are very proud of what we have designed and look forward to showcasing the Baja Mist facility in Mexico to our customers once it is completed,” Boutonnet said.

Company recognized for marketing activities at Annual Trade Conference

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (June 29, 2010) –  Ocean Mist Farms was named a finalist in the Best Tradeshow or Convention category of the 2010 American Business Awards.

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. More than 2,700 entries from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration in more than 40 categories, including Most Innovative Company of the Year, Management Team of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year, and Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program of the Year.

stevie award 2010 finalist logo

Recognized for its marketing activities at the 2009 Produce Marketing Associations Fresh Summit trade show in Anaheim, Calif., Ocean Mist Farms had more than 40 sales and marketing staff on hand to support the debut of comprehensive new packaging for the entire product line.

‘There is a team of employees from several departments of Ocean Mist Farms and family members that work on the annual Produce Marketing Association trade show year round, within the last few days leading up the event, as well as during the event, that make our 30′x50′ booth come to life every year,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager. “It is rewarding to have that team effort be recognized.”

The American Business Awards finalists were chosen by business professionals nationwide during preliminary judging in April and May. Details about The American Business Awards and the list of finalists in all categories are available at www.stevieawards.comaba .

Best Tradeshow or Convention Category:

USANA Health Sciences, Salt Lake City, UT: USANA’s 2009 International Convention

BMO Capital Markets, New York, NY: 18th Annual Global Metals and Mining Conference

Dawson + Murray + Teague Communications, Dallas, TX: Verizon Foundation DV Prevention Summit

Ocean Mist Farms, Castroville, CA: Ocean Mist Farms at Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit

Quality Systems Inc., Irvine, CA: Quality Systems’ Nextgen Healthcare Information Systems Annual Users Group Meeting

Tastefully Simple, Alexandria, MN: Livin’ Loud National Conference

TechTarget, Newton, MA: TechTarget Online ROI Summit

UBM TechWeb, San Francisco, CA: Interop Las Vegas – The Leading Business Technology Event

Click Here to view Winners and Finalists for all Stevie Award Categories.

Afreen Malik among Produce Business 40 Under Forty

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (June 25 2010) – Afreen Malik, manager of food safety/environmental stewardship for Ocean Mist Farms, was nominated by industry peers as one of Produce Business magazine’s 40 Under Forty.

The sixth annual award recognizes young leaders who excel in community involvement and other company and produce industry accomplishments.

Malik has worked extensively to implement Ocean Mist Farms’ Environmental Stewardship Program and is an instructor in the food safety program for the Agricultural Business and Technology Institute at Hartnell College in Salinas.

afreen malik of ocean mist farms

Among other leadership positions, Malik serves on the Food Safety and Environmental Compliance committees with the Grower-Shipper Association, as well as the Steering Committee of the Farm Food Safety and Conservation Network.

“There is still work to be done,” said Malik, “but I am grateful that the industry recognized the efforts I and the Ocean Mist team have made to overcome the challenges of co-managing food safety and conservation on the farm.”

Malik has worked with Ocean Mist Farms since 2004. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ocean Mist Farms Family Member, Karen Antle Recognized as Ag Woman of the Year

Soledad, CA – (6-11-10) Karen Antle was recognized as the Ag Woman of the Year for Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties at an annual event hosted by Ag Against Hunger on June 11 at Paraiso Vineyards in Soledad.

This annual luncheon recognizes a woman who has contributed significantly to the success of the tri-county agricultural industry. The Ag Woman of the Year award is a surprise to all guests including the recipient. More than 220 people were in attendance to recognize Karen Antle.


This year, the committee made up of previous honoree’s and the Ag Against Hunger Board of Directors chose a woman who has worked to the great benefit of the agricultural industry in the Salinas Valley and beyond. Karen Antle is a third generation member of the Tottino family that in 1924, along with 4 other families, launched the California Artichoke & Vegetable Growers Corporation, now renamed Ocean Mist Farms. She has made a lifelong commitment of selflessly volunteering for agricultural advocacy and for her community.

Antle is currently the Vice President of the Salinas Valley Heritage Foundation; a foundation that is responsible for sustaining and improving the Salinas Valley Fair in King City. She also served as the Chairwoman of the Davis House Legacy Committee, which was responsible for raising the funds needed for renovations of the new headquarters for Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc.

Antle has tirelessly volunteered for the Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc. in many other ways as well. She has served on the Teacher Workshop committee, worked as a guide for the “Careers in Ag” program, and has volunteered for many other organization functions, such as the Farm Day Experience in Monterey, Salinas and King City.

This past March, Antle also helped to raise funds for the Benefit for Gavin Ribaya, an infant stricken with a rare form of kidney cancer. The benefit raised over $100,000 to help the Ribaya family pay for Gavin’s medical expenses, and provided $30,000 to King City’s Mee Memorial Hospital to buy a new mammography machine.

Antle is also a volunteer for many other organizations including: the Artichoke Festival in Castroville, the Salinas High School Booster Club, the Notre Dame Booster Club, the Palma Booster Club, the Spreckels Parent Club and the Monterey County Friends of the Fair.

The Agricultural Woman of the Year award seeks to honor unique leadership qualities held by women working within the local agricultural industry. These qualities include a selfless spirit of engagement in promoting and celebrating agriculture with one’s heart, mind and soul; and a perpetuation of the pioneering traditions and tenants of independence, integrity, and innovation from our agricultural history, for and with humanity.

Previous Ag Women of the Year include: Sharan Lanini (1994); Claudia Smith (1995); Karen Miller (1996); Susan Gill (1997); Betty Ichikawa (1998); Mary Hansen (1999); Elia Vasquez (2000); Connie Quinlan (2001); Kay Filice (2002); Dorothy Errea (2003); Nita Gizdich (2004); Mary Orradre (2005); Lorri Koster (2006); Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin (2007); Celeste Settrini (2008); and Darlene Din (2009).

This year’s keynote speaker was Nicole Parra. Nicole Parra has more than 17 years of extensive legislative and political experience in California – having served as both as an elected official in the California State Legislature and a high level appointee of the Executive Branch.

About Ag Against Hunger
Ag Against Hunger is a non-profit agency providing fresh donated produce to food banks in the tri-county of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties, then statewide and out-of-state when the fresh produce needs of local food banks are satisfied. Since 1990, area growers and shippers have donated over 167 million pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to help feed the hungry.

Company hopes to leverage U. S. Open traffic on the Monterey Peninula

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (June 11, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is leveraging the location of its ranches along the Highway 1 corridor in Northern California to generate consumer awareness for the company by installing four, 12-foot-high, full color signs to face both north and south-bound traffic.


The four signs, installed the beginning of June, feature a color picture of Hugo Tottino, one of the company’s grower/owners.

“The timing is ideal as the 2010 U.S. Open Championship will visit the Monterey Peninsula the week of June 14-20,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager. “Thousands of people drive the highway every day.”

“The signs are a low cost way to generate awareness about where artichokes grow and our land base along the coast, with residents as well as visitors to the Monterey Bay.”

Attendance over the eight days of the 2010 U.S. Open Championship tournament, including practice rounds, is expected to top 200,000; however the signs will stay up permanently.

Company focuses on the future and developing staff from within

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (June 7, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is introducing an innovative employee leadership program this month designed to develop the company’s future senior leadership team from within.

Crafted over several years with input from experts inside and outside the company, the two-year leadership development program includes curriculum that would rival most business schools with topics such as organizational behavior, process management and strategic planning.

Approximately three to six Ocean Mist Farms employees will be invited to participate in the program each year. The first class includes the following employees:

  • Chris Drew, Production Manager, Sea Mist Farms
  • Terry Lynch, Operations Controller, Ocean Mist Farms
  • John Pattullo, General Manager, Boutonnet Farms
  • Paul Scheid, General Manager, Laguna Mist Farms
  • Gary Silacci, Sales Manager, Ocean Mist Farms
  • Adrian Zendejas, General Manager, Desert Mist Farms

The leadership program is part of the company’s efforts to look ahead and align itself with the appropriate human resources for future growth.

“Investing in our employees and educating our staff is the right thing to do,” said Ed Boutonnet, company CEO. “The goal of this program is to enliven and develop talent that will sustain Ocean Mist Farms for the long-run in a manner that stimulates thinking and creative energy, boosts capabilities and builds shared knowledge and skills.”

Employees are selected to participate in the program based on several criteria including current job performance, recommendation from executive staff as well as interest in the program. Ultimately, the program will be used to identify a talent pool of existing Ocean Mist Farms managers with the potential for taking on future leadership roles across the company.

“The leadership program will educate the candidates on the entire Ocean Mist Farms process from before the seed goes into the ground, to the time the produce is loaded on the customers truck,” Boutonnet said.

May marks the beginning of peak harvest for this delicate vegetable

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (May 7, 2010) – Artichoke lovers have reason to celebrate as May is the peak season for baby artichokes. Baby artichokes are fully mature artichokes that grow closer to the ground, sheltered by the large leaves of the plant. They are easy to prepare and cook because the inner fuzzy portion of the choke does not develop. To prepare baby artichokes, snap off the lower petals until the yellow-green core is reached. Use a knife to cut off the top half-inch of the baby artichoke. To avoid the baby chokes’ bitter taste, trim the stems and all remaining green areas from the base.

Baby artichokes can be steamed over rapid boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes until tender. They may also be grilled, roasted or sauteed. A cooking instruction video is available online along with a library of baby artichoke recipes.


“Baby artichokes are fun because with just a little trimming you can eat the whole thing,” Kori Tuggle, marketing manager at Ocean Mist Farms, the largest producer of artichokes in the country. “A baby artichoke can be used as an low-carb ingredient for any dish you would a potato for such as an omlette or in soup.”

Baby artichokes are a seasonal item and availability does vary throughout the year, but the month of May is the peak volume month for this size artichoke. “Shoppers should be able to find baby artichokes now wherever they shop for traditional artichokes,” Tuggle said.

For more information about artichokes as well as recipes, cooking videos and tips for preparation visit Ocean Mist Farms

Ocean Mist Farms

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (May 6, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms will help the artichoke capital of the world, Castroville, Calif., celebrate its 51th Annual Artichoke Festival May 15 and 16.

The residents of Castroville, began celebrating the artichokes harvested in area fields with the first festival in 1959. As the country’s passion for artichokes grew, so did the festival’s roster of activities which now includes an agro-art competition, musical entertainment, cooking demos, wine tastings, field tours, farmers market and an arts and craft fair.

With headquarters located in Castroville, Ocean Mist Farms is a proud sponsor of the annual festival tradition.

In fact, Ocean Mist Farms grower-owner-family member, Michele Pecci-Tottino, is the festival director.

“As the artichoke festival director I love what I do,” said Pecci-Tottino. “It’s my way of honoring and representing my family’s roots.”

All events take place in downtown Castroville, for more festival information visit

Go to now to vote for your choice for the 2010 artichoke festival king and queen to win college scholarships.


Ocean Mist Farms sponsors artichokes display contest

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (May 3, 2010) – To mark the peak the Castroville artichoke season, all Save Mart, Lucky supermarket and Food Maxx stores are participating in an artichoke display contest with Ocean Mist Farms display kit. The display contest challenges produce department teams to build a creative display using an Ocean Mist Farms artichoke display kit with bulk and packaged artichokes.

Ocean Mist Farms will select multiple contest winners based on creativity and the increase in artichoke sales compared to the same period last year.

“In terms of annual volume, Save Mart is one of the top three selling retailers in the US for the artichoke category. The display contest helps drive sales to create a ‘win-win-win’ for Save Mart, their customers and the Ocean Mist growers,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager at Ocean Mist Farms.

Mark Colvin, category manager at Save Mart, said “With our print ad promotions and the in-store produce teams building large displays, we create an artichoke destination during the peak of the Castroville season. Our shoppers appreciate and connect with the tradition of this locally grown crop.”

Lucky store_artichoke display contest entry

Design based on consumer preferences

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (May 3, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms will unveil a re-design of its bilingual packaging for fresh vegetable commodities the company grows and ships at this year’s CPMA.
The features of the new bilingual packaging design, on display in the company’s booth #1107 are based on consumer research and input from retail partners, said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager.
“We focused on three areas of improvement with the new packaging design: Product visibility, nutrition information and consistent graphic design to enhance the product inside,” Tuggle said. “The first goal was to improve product — visibility so shoppers can see more of the product — a unanimous priority with all our retail customers.”
The new packaging also features a customized-bilingual nutrient panel for each commodity.
The company also worked to adhere with the Canadian labeling laws, Tuggle said.
The comprehensive package redesign brought consistency to the company’s branding elements including name, logo and graphics, and prominently features the company’s Web site
“Our Web site usage statistics show that consumers are going online to find recipes and information about how to cook,” Tuggle said. “We are hoping to engage more with our customers through online efforts and our new packaging is a natural way to share our Web site information. All of our packaging contains copy that says ‘For more recipes and cooking videos go to‘ in both English and French.”
The new packaging began shipping in December and follows the roll out in April 2009 of a re-designed four-count artichoke bag created for the club store channel that was a finalist for the 2009 PMA Packaging Impact Awards.


Ocean Mist Farms

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (March 31, 2010) – MMM butter! Ocean Mist is collaborating with the California Milk Board on a cross promotion in April.

The offer includes an instant redeemable coupon for $0.55 off any purchase of California butter with the purchase of an Ocean Mist Farm artichoke.

More than 500,000 IRCs will be affixed to artichokes sold in to western California retail stores during April.

This is the first cross-promotion for bulk artichokes for Ocean Mist Farms and it was especially important to work on the design of the IRC.

The end design, shaped liked an artichoke petal, compliments the vegetable while still looking like it is part of the artichoke.

“April is the peak of our classic green globe spring crop in Castroville and we want to do everything we can to drive sales,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager. “Butter is a natural partner for artichokes because shoppers use butter for their dipping sauces or recipes and we especially like that the coupon will sends shoppers to our Web site for more recipes and cooking ideas.”

Butter IRC upcloseIRC carton of chokes



Full page ad to run in May issue

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (April 12, 2010) – Just in time for spring peak season, Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will be advertised in Shape magazine this May.

Ocean Mist is investing in advertising the spring crop this year in order to reach an important demographic that aligns with the artichoke consumer profile, said Kori Tuggle, Ocean Mist Farms, marketing manager.

“Shape is America’s premier health and fitness magazine geared towards women who want to look and feel good about themselves and their lifestyle,” Tuggle said. “Shape provides tips on healthy living, recipes, fitness tools and paths to achieving the look and feel of the fit and health conscious female consumer — our target artichoke customer.”

Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will be featured in a full-page ad in the May 2010 issue estimated to reach 1.65 million readers.

“We are projected to have a record crop this spring out of Castroville and we’re committed to increasing consumer awareness about our product and this is a new way for Ocean Mist to achieve that goal,” Tuggle said.

Artichokes add more than green to cuisine

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (March 22, 2010) – Artichoke lovers have reason to celebrate this spring as mid-March is the beginning of peak season in California where the country’s artichoke crop is grown.

Low in calories artichokes are an excellent source of fiber (more than 10 grams per artichoke) and vitamin C, and a good source of folate, magnesium, and potassium. In addition, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found artichokes have more antioxidants than all other vegetables.*

“Artichokes provide many health and nutrition benefits, and they are highly versatile offering home cooks a variety of serving options for spring and beyond,” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager at Ocean Mist Farms, the largest producer of artichokes in the country.

To mark the start of the season, Ocean Mist debuted a new “How to Prepare and Cook Artichokes” section on its Web site,

Whether you have experience with cooking artichokes or not, you will find something new on the page that covers everything about cooking with artichokes, Tuggle said. The new online resource includes how to videos on 11 different ways to cook an artichoke. For example, after trimming the tops and tips of leaves, artichokes can be steamed, baked, grilled or cooked quickly in a microwave.

“People love artichokes for their great taste but also for the eating experience,” said Tuggle. “An artichoke is great for families or friends to share.”

Employees throughout the company learn all about artichokes

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (March 10, 2010) – Schnucks employees recently got a taste of California when Ocean Mist Farms held an “Artichoke 101″ class to educate Schnucks employees about the vegetable coming into peak of spring season.

The class, held March 4 at the corporate office of Schnucks in St.Louis, Missouri was one part of a series the company offers to all employees to gain knowledge on wide variety products and commodities Schnucks offers its consumers.

Limited to 60 spots, the Schnucks staff who attended the class was from all different areas of the company including store level and corporate office positions. In addition, Mike O’Brian, Schnucks director of produce, and the entire produce team attended in support of the class.

About 90 minutes in length, Artichoke 101 covered everything “all about artichokes” from field to fork. Harvest videos, shown as an effort to “bring the fields to Schnucks,” and the class learned how to trim an artichoke for cooking, how to remove the fuzz from a cooked artichoke and experienced a product tasting featuring a recipe for an “easy baked artichoke” straight out of the oven.

“We’ve put on many Artichoke 101 classes, but the Schnucks warm welcome and genuine interest in our topic was really appreciated,” said Kori Tuggle, company marketing manager. “It was a great opportunity to have a diverse audience that really wanted to learn about artichokes.”

Ocean Mist Farms

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (March 5, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will be featured on the History Channel’s show Food Tech on Thursday, March 11, at 6 p.m. Pacific time (check local cable listings).

The episode, filmed last fall in Castroville, California, included interviews with grower/owner Hugo Tottino, his daughter Michele Pecci and Dale Huss, vice president of artichoke harvesting.

Describing the Italian episode Greg DeHart, supervising producer, said “Bobby (Bognar) and I both really love this show. We think it has scope, some fun moments and is very informative.”

The History Channel’s show, Food Tech, is similar to Food Network’s Unwrapped in that host, Bobby Bognar, travels around the country to understand where and how food gets from the ground, farm or even factory all the way to the plate.

The Ocean Mist Farms segment includes information about the history, growing, harvesting and cooking of the classic green globe artichokes.

“We hosted a full day of filming with the Food Tech crew last fall here in Castroville. We’re interested to see what parts of all the footage and interviews they filmed, become part of the episode.” said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager, Ocean Mist Farms.

Food Tech also filmed a second episode that featured Ocean Mist Farm’s spinach ranch in Coachella that will air at a later date.

Multiple sizes of POS available online

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (Feb. 17, 2010 )- Just in time for peak artichoke volume this spring, Ocean Mist Farms has a variety of new point of sale (POS) material to help share artichoke information with shoppers.

The full set of materials includes posters, prices cards, recipe cards and other collateral in various sizes all designed to draw attention to the category and increase sales.

The point-of-sale materials are available online; users can visit the site, fill out the form and the order is fulfilled within two to three business days, pending the quantity request and inventory, said Kori Tuggle, marketing manager at Ocean Mist Farms.

“Due to cultural practices, this year will be one of our largest spring crops out of Castroville in terms of volume, with plenty of promotional opportunities,” Tuggle said. “The antioxidant level of fresh artichokes is a powerful merchandising opportunity. Seventy-nine percent of survey respondents said that the fact that the artichokes are higher in antioxidants than any other vegetable would have a significant impact on future purchases. Ocean Mist’s point-of-sale draws attention to the artichoke display and educates shoppers about artichokes’ nutritional value.”

Ocean Mist Farms

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – ( Jan. 13, 2010 ) – January is the month that produce departments can cater to the needs of shoppers with health and weight loss information and the help they need in attaining their New Year’s resolution dieting goals.

There are many new diets offering solutions, however, time and time again eating fruits and vegetables is the best suggestion. Here are a few new diets and meal plans making news with artichokeson many of the “super food” lists:

CLICK HERE In Style told 1.7 million readers the top five foods to “Eat Your Way Gorgeous.” (#3 is artichokes)-Source: January 2010 Issue

CLICK HERE Women’s Health shared with its 1.4 million readers about one of this season’s latest diet: The O2 Diet by Keri Glassman. (The vegetable that offers the highest level of antioxidants is artichokes.)-Source: January 2010 Issue

CLICK HERE to see how in the “Belly Fat Cure” eating the right foods is the cure to losing your big belly. “Fiber rich foods like artichokes improve digestive health.”-Source: New York Daily News 12/27/20

Even MSN is covering news with a story this week on the O2 Diet.

Order supplies now so you can meet shoppers need; we have enough volume available now for all kinds of timely diet promotions.

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Seasonal recipes designed to increase first quarter sales

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – (Jan. 13, 2010) – Ocean Mist Farms is going green by making its new soup and salad recipe cookbooks available digitally online.

The new cookbooks, available now, are the most recent in a series the company decided to distribute digitally rather than through more traditional forms of publishing.

“We put a lot of effort into creating cooking videos and digital cookbooks to enhance the experience of visitors to our Web site and give them more than what they were expecting with a traditional recipe search online,” said Kori Tuggle, company marketing manager. “From the traffic trends we discover online, we modify our site content to cater to what consumers are looking for.”

Ocean Mist receives a monthly average of 30,000 unique visitors a month to its Web site, with over 50 percent of the visitors coming to the site specifically for artichoke recipes based on the volume of Web site pages viewed. In 2009, the company had more than 70,000 recipe page views.

“We know people use the Internet for recipes and we want to be their source of information for cooking vegetables – and fresh artichokes in particular,” Tuggle said. “We’re using all forms of digital communication, from our Web site to social media, to help make cooking artichokes easier and more fun.”

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