Ocean Mist Farms’ Chopped BBQ Chicken Salad

OMF hearts of romaine make this salad a real family-pleaser!

Recipe Information

Prep Time: 5 Minutes


2 heads of OMF Hearts of Romaine lettuce, chopped
1 cup Cherry Tomatoes, sliced
2 cups cooked chicken breast strips, chopped
1 cup frozen White Corn
½ cup Cilantro or Italian Parsley, chopped
1 cup fried tortilla strips
½ cup light ranch dressing
¼ cup mild salsa
¼ cup bottled BBQ sauce


  1. In a large salad bowl, toss Romaine Hearts, Cilantro, Corn, ranch dressing and salsa.
  2. Divide tossed salad between 4 plates and add ½ cup of chicken to the top of each salad. Add ¼ cup of Cherry Tomatoes to salad and garnish with BBQ sauce and tortilla chips.

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