They’re small. They’re green. They’re leafy. Brussels sprouts are without a doubt one of the most versatile veggies you’ll put on your plate. Referred to as the mini cabbage, they even taste like them! Other fans of these tiny vitamin-rich vegetables say they taste like broccoli, or even a combination of broccoli and cabbage. Talk about healthy and delicious!

About Our Season & Steam Brussels Sprouts

Ocean Mist Farms has new bag technology that makes cooking Brussels sprouts even more simple. Ocean Mist Farms’ award-winning microwavable steam package, for cleaned and ready-to-use fresh vegetables, is
 the only steam bag that gives users
 the option to pre-season the contents, reseal with the zip lock and steam by microwave — all within the same bag. This exclusive packaging technology is available for: Brussels sprouts (in multiple sizes and cuts) and also Kalettes.

Our Season & Steam Brussels Sprouts are easy to cook and full of flavor! If you’re more familiar with cooking your Brussels sprouts in the oven, on the stove, or sautéeing them in a frying pan, we encourage you to try this new cooking method which will save you time!

Season & Steam 1 1.  Open The Season & Steam Bag

The first step is to open the Season & Steam bag with a pair of scissors. Please note that this is a resalable bag. The seal gives you the option to open the bag and your preferred seasonings.

Season & Steam 2 2.  Add Seasoning

After opening the bag, drizzle or sprinkle your preferred seasonings directly over vegetables. Garlic salt, chicken broth, or even more common seasonings like salt and pepper are all great options!

Season & Steam 3 3.  Place Into Microwave

Once you’ve added seasonings, fully close the seal and place the bag into your microwave for four minutes.

Pro Tip: Make sure that the seal is completely locked to prevent steam from escaping the bag!

Season & Steam 4 4.  Remove Vegetables

Once the steaming process has finished, let the bag sit in the microwave for another minute to cool off slightly. Keep in mind, the bag will be extremely hot after steaming in the microwave. Slowly take the bag out of the microwave and carefully remove your cooked vegetables from the bag.

Season & Steam 5 5.  Enjoy!

Plate your freshly steamed vegetables on your favorite serving plate and enjoy! Bon appetit!