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Growing up on California's central coast, I enjoyed delicious artichokes around the family dinner table and always on Christmas Eve! It is beyond perfection that I now market artichokes for a living and get to share the Ocean Mist Farms story and my love of all things fresh.

Easy Infographic Guides for Cooking Artichokes & More!

At Ocean Mist Farms, we do everything we can to take the intimidation out of cooking artichokes. From detailed recipes to step by step videos, it's safe to say we have the biggest bank of resources around!

Now, we've added a...

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May 6, 2020 by Diana McClean | 0 Comments

What Earth Day Means to Us

On this Earth Day, we are particularly grateful for the nearly 100 years of privilege stewarding our land. I've always thought that Farmers are the original stewards of the land, as they must take care of this natural resource to...

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April 22, 2020 by Diana McClean | 0 Comments

Kitchen Hacks to Keep Your Produce Fresh

My grocery store trips are few and far between these days, so I'm often thinking about how to make my food purchases last a little longer. In my house, we eat a lot of fresh food, which doesn't always equate to longer shelf-life....

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April 15, 2020 by Diana McClean | 0 Comments
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