Brussels Sprouts 3 Ways- Staple Cooking Methods

Brussels Sprouts have made a huge comeback in recent years. Once an unpopular addition to the dinner table, now a beloved side dish popping up on menus and dinner tables everywhere. This versatile veggie cooks quickly and works well with a variety of flavors and seasonings. Here are 3 cooking methods from our new step-by-step Infographics Page


How to Steam

This technique of cooking maximizes the nutritional value of your Brussels Sprouts. Simple and easy to do, you'll be enjoying these sprouts in less than 10 minutes. You can enjoy as a stand-alone side or tossed in a casserole or grain bowl. 


How to Sauté

If you want a boost of flavor, caramelizing Brussels sprouts by sautéing is a great way to elevate the flavor. With olive oil and garlic as your starting base of flavor, this method infuses a savory richness into your Brussels sprouts. Simply season with salt, pepper, and lemon for a quick, satisfying side dish. 


How to Roast

This hands-off method brings out their natural sweet and nutty flavor. After only 10 minutes of prep time, you can leave your sprouts to roast while you finish up the rest of dinner. These tender and crispy sprouts are the best way to persuade anyone who thinks they don't like Brussels sprouts to think again! 

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