Brussels Sprouts: Best Dish Roundup

Brussels Sprouts have become a commonly loved vegetable for their sweet, nutty, and smoky flavor that's hard to resist.  Our Ocean Mist farms Brussels sprouts are delightful and nutrition-rich available in both the Season & Steam convenience line and also as a fresh commodity. Brussels sprouts got their name from being cultivated near the Belgian capital in the late 16th century. They’re hugely popular in Great Britain, where some consider it the national vegetable. Check out this round-up of some of our best Brussels Sprouts dishes, enjoy!

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

Starting off with this beautiful, showstopping Brussels Sprouts Salad. Impress your dinner guest by making this upscale-looking salad with ease. With lemon, honey, and shallots, this salad is sure to be a family favorite. It even has burrata in it, which is one of my favorite additions to a salad to add creaminess.



Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Pecans

Add in some bold flavors of crispy and salty bacon with pecans into your Brussels. I personally think the combination of Brussels and bacon is top-notch. They pair so beautifully together and I love making this simple recipe as a part of my weekly meal prep. Just add to a skillet with all of your ingredients and voila! 



Creamy Garlic Brussels Sprouts Soup

This dish is one of my favorites! This creamy and beautiful Brussels sprout soup is filled with the flavors of garlic is easily made right in the blender in just minutes. It's dairy-free and vegan and packed with decadent flavors. Easy to make, and nutrient-dense. You can't ask for much more. 😉

Creamy Garlic Brussels Sprout Soup HR-4-1


Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Mustard Glaze

Grilling at my home is a weekly affair and this recipe is perfect as a starter for friends or family!  This is such a simple recipe that will knock your socks off. The nuttiness of the Brussels paired with the sweet and tangy maple-mustard glaze should receive a gold medal 🎖️. Skewer, glaze and grill these Ocean Mist Farms Season & Steam Brussels sprouts for next-level flavor and ease.

Grilled Maple-Mustard Brussels (22 of 22)


Try one of these recipes or share your favorite way to enjoy Brussels Sprouts in your meals! 

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