Cauliflower 3 Ways

Cauliflower is in everything these days--from pizza to pasta to masquerading as gnocchi and mashed potatoes. No doubt it's one of the most versatile vegetables that can be served as a lower-carb substitute. But before you can start turning it into dessert (you think I'm joking, but it's a real thing), make sure to master the basics. Here are 3 cooking methods from our new Infographics Page


How to Steam

If you're going to master any technique with cauliflower, it should be steaming. Whether steaming florets or having it riced, this is typically the first step in any recipe involving cauliflower.. When the cauliflower gets tender, it is ready to transform into low-carb "mashed potatoes" and pizza crust, or enjoyed as-is with herbs and other seasonings.


How to Sauté

Sautéing is a great way to develop some flavor through caramelization. Building a flavor base with olive oil and garlic will infuse it with a savory richness while cooking. For added brightness, finish off the sautéd cauliflower with seasoning and lemon juice to create the perfect balance. 


How to Purée

Step aside, mashed potatoes! This silky smooth cauliflower purée has all the goodness of the beloved Thanksgiving side with a fraction of the carbs. Pro tip- replace some of the milk with chicken broth for extra savory flavor and reduce the total amount of liquid for a thicker, more potato-like texture. 

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