Holiday Helpers: Season & Steam Brussels Sprouts

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One of the best things about the holidays is spending time in the kitchen surrounded by loved ones. But with so much cooking to be done, it doesn't hurt to cut corners where you can to spend your time where it really matters. When it comes to making your favorite holiday tradition dish, the labor of love is worth it. However, when it comes to cooking Brussels sprouts, why wait for water to boil for stovetop steaming? And let's face it- with every dish competing for oven space, roasting is simply out of the question.

This holiday season, we'll give you one more thing to be thankful for- our Season & Steam products. With our Season & Steam bags, you can have tender sprouts in a matter of 5 minutes, and from there you have endless possibilities for transforming them into a show-stopping side dish. We even have a quick how-to video to get you cooking in no time. 

Season and Steam

If you haven't had our Season & Steam Brussels Sprouts, check out this video for 3 easy steps on our virtual cooking class page for everything you need to know to get started. When you have your Season & Steam Brussels Sprouts on hand, make them the star of these recipes:

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Cheesy Mac & Sprouts

Mac & Cheese is a must on every holiday table, but adding a little green never hurt anyone! Whip up this irresistible sauce (hint: there's a shortcut involved) and toss in steamed Brussels Sprouts for a hearty and nutritious side of Cheesy Mac & Sprouts


Quick and Easy Sesame Almond Brussels Sprouts

Want to mix it up? Try our Quick and Easy Sesame Almond Brussels Sprouts. Mix together this easy sauce and let the Brussels marinate in it while steaming in the microwave. The tangy, salty, umami flavor will be a hit with the whole family. 


In keeping with holiday indulgence, you won't want to miss these Ranch Seasoned Fried Brussels Sprouts. To keep them from burning in the oil, make sure you steam the Brussels Sprouts in the Season & Steam bag before breading and browning. Be sure to look for the pre-cut Brussels Sprouts Season & Steam Halves to save even more prep time! Crispy, crunchy, and flavored with the unmistakable Ranch seasoning blend, we dare you to eat just one. 

Are our Season & Steam bags a part of your weekly rotation? Show us how you love to use them on social media or in the comments below!

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