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Who doesn’t love a good pizza every now and then? (Or as much as possible if we are being honest.)  In fact, there is an ENTIRE DAY, right around the corner, dedicated to celebrating this amazing piece of pie. National Pizza Day is celebrated around the country on February 9. Of course, you can go to your favorite pizza joint and order to your hearts content. But, you must know that our favorite way to enjoy a slice, or five, is to add a little Ocean Mist Farms twist.

Our Squash, Brussels Sprout & Cranberry Pizza will satisfy your craving while keeping you in line with your New Year health goals! Topped with Season & Steam Quick Cook Sprouts®, this personal-sized pizza takes a mere 15 minutes to whip up and is vegetarian friendly. Grab a friend or two and have your own pizza party to celebrate this popular national holiday.

PIZZA CONNISOUR TIP: Pesto on pizza is all the rage, and if you like to make things from scratch, we recommend our Fennel & Basil Pesto recipe. Not only is this gluten-free and vegetarian friendly like the pizza, but it is a great compliment to those tasty sprouts.


We know some of you pizza lovers have a favorite recipe that you just can’t let go of, but feel as though you’d be betraying those New Year resolutions if you indulged in a slice. Leave that guilt behind and replace your dough with this Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe! You still get that satisfying pizza taste without the calories or carbs from a regular dough crust.


Raise a slice and enjoy National Pizza Day the Ocean Mist Farms way.

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Diana McClean
Growing up on California's central coast, I enjoyed delicious artichokes around the family dinner table and always on Christmas Eve! It is beyond perfection that I now market artichokes for a living and get to share the Ocean Mist Farms story and my love of all things fresh.
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