Instant Pot Artichokes 4 Ways

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Friends, I have a new obsession...with my Instant Pot! It literally helps me get dinner on the table in 30 minutes.  My husband and I have tried out a ton of recipes in it, but one of our favorite discoveries was how easy it is to make artichokes in it!

Once we got started trying out

We turned classic Spinach and Artichoke Dip into an Instant Pot miracle with these Stuffed Spinach Dip Instant Pot Artichokes.

Stuffed Spinach Dip

Speaking of classics, our Stuffed Italian Instant Pot Artichokes won our dinner crowd over and will be a regular on Italian nights.

Stuffed Italian Instant Pot Artichokes

Looking to impress your party guests?  Lemon and Herb White Wine Artichokes are as fragrant as they are delicious!

Lemon and Herb White Wine Artichokes

And last but definitely not least are Crispy Sage Butter Artichokes.  For all you sage lovers out there, feel free to double or triple the number of sprigs you saute to get that amazing flavor in every bite.

Crispy Sage Butter Artichokes

 You can see how quickly all four of these Instant Pot artichoke recipes come together in this video:

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