It’s National Farmer’s Day!

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“And into the field I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” – Unknown

You must be a true optimist if you are a true farmer. Always hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, and sometimes having to literally dig deep to get the outcome that you need. If you ate today, thank a farmer! Because today is National Farmer’s Day!

Ocean Mist Farms has been farming the land in California since 1924 – that’s four generations of family farmers sharing their love of the land while feeding families near and far. Hugo Tottino, one of the original founding family members, is famous around our office for saying “Buy land, they do not make it anymore.” Wise words from a great farmer who has built a respected, family-farming legacy.

Hugos old photo (2).jpgHugo Tottino unloading cases of artichokes when Ocean Mist Farms was called California Artichoke & Vegetables Growers Corp.

Farmers don’t work a typical 8-5 Monday through Friday schedule. They are awake and working long before the sun rises and still working when the sun sets. Farming doesn’t lend any days off, so often they work 7 days a week. I asked one of our farmers, “What days do you have off?” He replied, “Well, I get Sunday afternoon off. I don’t mind it at all, because I love what I do.” That passion and drive is why I have so much respect for our Ocean Mist farmers. That hard work mentality is contagious around our office. We see the owners and families working hard and it inspires us to do the same.

Being a family-owned business, it only makes sense that Hugo’s grandsons are following in his footsteps. Hugo beams proudly, in the humble way of a true farmer at his two grandsons, Glen Alameda and Kevin Tottino. Both work at Ocean Mist Farms today representing the fourth generation of the Tottino family legacy. Farming is in their roots. Each work in positions that are relatively new to the company, Value Added Operations and Logistics. Glen recalls when he was younger and harvesting cilantro in our fields. He jokes that he can’t even eat cilantro to this day because the smell was so strong. But I do know that Glen is an artichoke fan, as well as a fan of other fresh vegetables, that he helps move across the country, while managing the appointment loading system at Ocean Mist Farms. I can be certain and secure that he and Kevin will represent the future of family farming.

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KevinTottino.1.jpgTop: Glen Alameda, Logistics Manager

Bottom: Kevin Tottino, Value-Added Manager


Hugo and Dolores Tottino

Farming is a powerful position with daily risks. You’re up against Mother Nature, but that doesn’t stop farmers from successfully harvesting fresh vegetables nearly every day, so that we are able to enjoy food at our dinner tables. Many fond memories with my friends and family are at restaurants or around the dinner table. Memories made possible by GREAT, FRESH FOOD that I can almost 100% guarantee was made possible by a farmer.

To those that work in acres, not in hours, we thank you.

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