July 4th Grilling Recipes

Some favorite family July 4th traditions are finding a fog-free place to watch fireworks (we've traveled to Marin, CA in the past), grilling with friends and family, and enjoying some backyard games - a corn hole tournament is shaping up for this year, team names and all! Looking forward to being with friends and family this year, as our community eases back into gatherings. This one is outside for sure and I'm hoping for warmish weather to revel in the sun a bit. 

Food is always at the center of our holiday celebrations, and today I'm sharing a few incredible grilling recipes that are sure to add to your holiday memories as well. Move those steaks over on the grill and add these grilled veggie recipes to your 4th of July line-up!

Easy Grilled Salad

Salads are a must during the hot summer months, and this one adds a little more greens in the mix with tender and sweet baby broccoli. And for all of you that love a good dressing, you HAVE to try this creamy garlic dressing.

Grilled Salad-8-1


Grilled Artichokes with Lemon Tahini 

Grilled artichokes are a must and often an expectation from the McClean Family! It's probably my favorite way to enjoy artichokes, and this Lemon Tahini dip is probably one of my top three artichokes dips right. 



Honey Grilled Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of these underappreciated vegetables in my book. It offers incredible versatility and works with so many different flavor profiles. If you've never been a big fan of this veggie, I highly recommend this recipe. I'm of the mindset that grilling makes everything taste better!


Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Mustard Glaze

We love our grilled Brussels sprouts and have enjoyed them with many different seasonings and sauces.  This maple-mustard glaze takes the cake.  The smoky, charred flavor of the sprouts shine with the tangy sweetness of this glaze. One skewer is never enough!

Grilled Maple-Mustard Brussels (22 of 22)

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Diana McClean
Growing up on California's central coast, I enjoyed delicious artichokes around the family dinner table and always on Christmas Eve! It is beyond perfection that I now market artichokes for a living and get to share the Ocean Mist Farms story and my love of all things fresh.
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