Employee Spotlight: Ten Things to Know About Dale Huss, VP of Artichoke Production

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Dale Huss, our VP of Artichoke Production, has been working for the Ocean Mist Farms family of companies since 1986, which means he’s been instrumental in maintaining our Ocean Mist Farms artichoke’s Gold Standard for that last 33 years!

Growing up in a small town in Illinois, Dale had no idea what an artichoke was until he came out west. After a career in the military, he found a second career at Ocean Mist Farms studying artichokes in our fields (and in other countries!) uncovering the “secrets” for producing the industry's Gold Standard artichoke. To say Dale is an artichoke aficionado is clearly an understatement, but there's certainly more to learn about him than just his knowledge of artichokes!

1. How did you get started at OMF?

When I started, my first responsibilities were to:

  1. Develop a method for estimating weekly artichoke production volumes.
  2. Implement drip irrigation in artichoke cropping systems.
  3. Learn about and how to use plant growth regulators to manipulate production periods in  artichoke cropping systems.

2. How would you explain your role to someone not in the ag industry? 

I manage the artichoke commodity for Ocean Mist Farms, which means I'm planning for a year-round supply of the best eating artichokes in the world. I also oversee operations for Sea Mist Farms, which is one of the growing/farming support companies for Ocean Mist Farms.

3. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned on the job? 

 It is a true team effort to deliver our crops successfully to the tables of American families all across the North America.

4. What is the coolest opportunity/experience you’ve had on the job? 

Being part of a team that grows a successful crop on a great market.

5. Did you expect to go into this field?

No, the decision to get into agricultural production came about later. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian.

6. What is your personal motto?

You have to go slow to go fast.

7. What is your hidden talent?

My artichoke culinary skills! (Would we expect anything different from the only VP of Artichoke Production in the United States?!)

8. What is your most prized possession?

My family and the people I work with.

9. Name one thing on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list, but I want to go elk hunting, play more golf, and go fishing more often.

10. What are your hobbies outside the office?


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Julie Criswell
Julie has been connected to Ocean Mist Farms for half of her life! When she was 9, she participated in the Artichoke Festival’s Agro-art competition for the first time, and every year until she went to college in Chicago. Now, two years after her summer internship with us, she’s officially aboard our marketing team full-time. Enjoy her perspective of life in the produce lane!
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