Ten Things to Know about Lupita Renteria-Galvan, Human Resources Benefits Manager


Lupita started her journey with Ocean Mist Farms in 2008 as the Human Resources Benefits Specialist. In the past ten years, she has moved to Human Resources Benefits Manager, as well as the Wellness Program Chairwoman.

1. Use three adjectives to describe your typical work day.

Chaotic, gratifying, and interactive. It is my job to ensure employees are taken care of and are receiving all their benefits

2. What is your best memory to date of Ocean Mist Farms?

I love every time I can help one of my colleagues. I always try my best to find solutions that work for everyone.


3. What is your favorite Ocean Mist Farms product?

Cauliflower. It is so versatile and easy to cook.

4. Who is your hero?

My mom. I hope I can at least be 1/10 of the woman she is. 

5. What is your personal motto?

“Nothing surprises me." I work in Human Resources.

6. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A hairstylist. I grew up practicing on my brother and sister. 

7. What is your hidden talent?2018.Lupita.Company Picnic-459442-edited

Gardening. For the past three years my husband and I have grown pumpkins for the California State Giant Pumpkin Weigh – Off.

8. What is the best advice you have ever received?

To listen.

9. What is your favorite movie?

Any funny chick flick. I could watch Mean Girls on repeat.

10. What is one thing that is always in your grocery cart?

Popcorn. Any brand, any flavor. I’m an addict.

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