3 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Brussels Sprouts Shreds This Summer


One of the best things about spending summers at our Pacific Northwest cabin is enjoying mornings on the lake with my husband and then preparing dinners from our fresh catch of the day.  Rainbow trout is one of our favorite fish to cook, and we recently had the luck of catching our daily limit at an off-the-beaten path lake in northern Idaho.  Our bounty had me dreaming of all the perfect sides I could serve alongside it.

I like to keep our summer meals light and refreshing, especially when fish is the entree.  Ocean Mist Farms fresh Brussels Sprouts Shreds are such a versatile ingredient that I work them into our menu as often as possible. Here are three refreshing ways to enjoy them:

Supershreds Ceasar Salad

This Supershreds Ceasar Salad holds up so well at any outdoor cookout. Ocean Mist Farms’ Season and Steam Brussels Sprout Shreds make assembling this cool, fresh salad easy and the shredded sprouts stay crisp and crunchy even after being dressed.  Simply chop your Romaine heads of lettuce and throw in the bag of shreds with a handful of Parmesan cheese.  Dress your salad with your favorite bottled Caesar dressing and toss.  That is pretty darn easy and your family and friends will rave about the flavor and freshness of this amazing salad!

Another great salad that I add shreds to is a simple Asian chopped salad.  Just by chopping green cabbage, green onions and cilantro, and adding a bag of Ocean Mist Farm’s Brussels Sprout Shreds, you will have the perfect summer time Asian salad.  I like to dress this salad with a bottled Sesame Ginger dressing and sprinkle some sliced almonds as a garnish. Just writing about this salad makes me want to smoke a teriyaki-marinated salmon and serve that up for dinner!

seasonsteam-brusselssproutsshreds-crop tight

Speaking of dinner, last night I had some leftover grilled trout from our catch, and I made the most awesome fish tacos. As a garnish for the tacos I used the same recipe as the Asian salad but instead of the Sesame dressing, I mixed ½ cup of bottled salsa with 2 tablespoons of ranch dressing.  This makes for an easy, low calorie, and most delicious dressing for this Southwest Slaw.  

I just love the casual cooking that summer allows and with all the time I save by not being in the indoor kitchen, I have plenty of time to relax under the pines on my vintage cabin cot.


Enjoy the lazy days of late summer, and the freshness of Ocean Mist Farm’s Brussels Sprouts!

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Adrienne Saldivar-Meier
Adrienne Saldivar-Meier is a professional home cook and professional recipe developer for America’s top agricultural growers, including Ocean Mist Farms. She has written hundreds of recipes for the home cook and has won the Marketing Excellence Award from Produce Business for her creation of Ocean Mist Farm’s artichoke recipe, “Chokes & Chili”. Adrienne conducts cooking classes in her coastal home along the Monterey Bay of California and offers cooking retreats in her Pacific Northwest Log Lodge outside of Spokane, Washington.
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