Your Favorite Fall Vegetables

If the cooler weather and changing leaves are not enough to convince you that fall is here, a look into our favorite fall vegetable recipes may just do the trick. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about fall-inspired recipes to use in the upcoming season. Incorporating veggies into your cooler weather meals does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be bold, bright, fun, and most importantly, delicious! Here are my top 4 perfectly fall-inspired recipes that are sure to lift your fall spirits. 

Hoisin Glazed Baby Broccoli

Sweet Baby Broccoli is such a staple in my home. I love how easy it is to incorporate as a side dish or a unique appetizer.  Sweet Baby Broccoli is unique for it's sweet earthy flavor, and fully edible stem. Adding an Asian-inspired flare can really elevate the taste of a simple ingredient like this.

Hoisin Glazed Baby Broccoli-1200x800


Cauliflower- Stuffed Baked Potatoes

With fall around the corner, comfort food is usually at the top of my list. Baked potatoes are a staple for many week-night dinners, but have you ever tried Cauliflower-stuffed baked potatoes? These are game-changer. The cauliflower adds an amazing texture and flavor to the otherwise humble baked potato. 



Creamy Garlic Brussels Sprout Soup

Soup is what most gravitate towards when the weather starts to cool down. Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite veggies to incorporate into my everyday meals. I love that you can cook down any vegetable and blend it into a soup. This Creamy Garlic Brussels Sprout soup can satisfy most anyone, especially on those cozy fall nights. 

Creamy Garlic Brussels Sprout Soup HR-4-1


Stuffed Italian Instant Pot Artichokes

I am a huge fan of any stuffed vegetable because of the endless varieties and ways to do it. This Italian-style stuffed artichoke is to die for. It's simple and fresh and will take you back to your favorite Italian spot. The creaminess of the sour cream and mozzarella pairs beautifully with the nuttiness of the artichoke.  

Stuffed Italian Instant Pot Artichokes-632720-edited


What is your favorite fall vegetable combination?

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Diana McClean
Growing up on California's central coast, I enjoyed delicious artichokes around the family dinner table and always on Christmas Eve! It is beyond perfection that I now market artichokes for a living and get to share the Ocean Mist Farms story and my love of all things fresh.
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