This position encompasses all aspects of General Safety, Food Safety and Insurance Coordination. Training, documentation gathering/maintenance and working with all regulatory agencies to ensure compliance of Boutonnet Farms with all Federal State and local laws and ordinances governing our agriculture business, are essential functions of this position.   

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Food safety;

  • Complete, organize and manage all documentation relating to ranch, product and personnel food safety with the support of ranch managers.
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal, state, local, audit firm, LGMA and shipper requirements to maintain compliance and good standing.
  • Organize, conduct and document employee training bi annually and throughout the year as needed.
  • First point of contact for auditors, regulatory officials and food safety personnel from shippers doing business with Boutonnet Farms.
  • Work with production staff to monitor current vertebrate pest management programs and develop as needed.
  • Monitor, manage and aid to maintain employee and management certifications and training.
  • Review, improve and develop standard operating procedures annually and as needed.

Industrial safety;

  • Develop run and maintain a worker safety program for field staff of Boutonnet Farms compliant with OSHA, federal, state and local regulatory agencies.
  • Conduct monthly worker training sessions and monitor critical points related to Ag worker safety such as pesticide use and contact, tractor safety and vehicle safety.
  • Respond and document all accidents and emergency situations regardless of time, follow up to ensure proper steps are being taken for recovery and return to work.
  • Monitor and manage any workers comp claims.
  • Monitor operations and schedule safety inspections with assistance of production staff for areas where safety can be improved and maintained.
  • Develop and maintain Hazardous materials plan for ranches and shop operations.

Employee health and wellness program;

  • Develop and oversee program aimed at improving and maintaining the health and wellness of employees and staff.

Employee Onboarding;

  • Conduct onboarding training and orientation of all new employees with company information, policies, procedures and expectations of Boutonnet Farms.

Insurance policy management;

  • Work with management and insurance provider to ensure all necessary assets and people are insured to proper levels.
  • Work with insurance companies on rate negotiation for all levels and aspects of insurance coverage.

Water and Nitrogen Use Regulatory compliance;

  • Track, monitor and record in spreadsheets, water and fertilizer use by ranch as needed for extraction and use reporting requirements with aid of production staff.
  • Maintain, develop and submit all records and reports relating to ag water and nitrogen usage to ensure compliance with local regulatory agencies Must understand how to operate equipment safely.
  • Develop and maintain working knowledge of all programs and systems used in the collection and reporting of ag inputs.

Organic Program Management and compliance;

  • Maintain and manage record keeping system for Organic inputs.
  • Ensure all inputs going into organic production are properly certified and registered with certifying agent, with aid of production staff.
  • Update and maintain Organic Systems Plan as needed.
  • Schedule and manage inspections and certifying agent audits.

Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from accredited university majoring in Ag with some emphasis on safety or food safety, Or degree in safety related field with some emphasis on Ag.
  • 4 years of management experience in production Ag related field.
  • PSR and HACCP certifications, familiarity with LGMA, and GAPs.
  • Knowledge of coastal water issues and regulations.
  • Experience in Organic program management and certification.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • Excellent Written, Oral Communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to work with people of all skill levels backgrounds and abilities.
  • Exceptional leader with strong work ethic and ability to work long hours, weekends and respond in emergency situations.
  • Valid CA Driver’s License with clean driving record.