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We are currently harvesting organic and conventional romaine lettuce and romaine hearts in Coachella Valley, CA in Riverside County, which is NOT the growing region associated with the current Romaine Alert.


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CASTROVILLE, Calif. (Sept. 25, 2017)Leading artichoke grower, Ocean Mist® Farms is pleased to announce its new blog, From the Heart. The blog is an extension of Ocean Mist’s commitment to educating people on how to prepare and eat fresh artichokes and the other fresh vegetables they grow.

Publishing new content once a week, From the Heart features seasonal recipes, company updates, community involvement news and highlights from the field. Content contributors include Ocean Mist Farms employees, Chef Adrienne Saldivar-Meier, and blog contributor Kelsey Preciado from Little Bits of Real Food. This optimized searchable content extends the reach of this leading brand influence on topics like family farming, cooking, entertaining and artichokes.

 “The blog is a way for us to connect to our readers on a more personal level sharing timely content about our both our company and products that they’ve asked us for,” said director of marketing for Ocean Mist Farms Diana McClean. “Our intent is to provide a space where creativity, storytelling, and inspiration become part of a daily interaction with people who want to know more about eating fresh.”

Ocean Mist Farms strives to equip people with resources to help them enjoy fresh vegetables in new and unique ways. Each of the blog’s contributors have a personal connection to the brand, and their expertise is what will shape the collaborative nature of From the Heart – everything from chefs tips to stories from the farm will allow audiences to see the Ocean Mist Farms brand in a more personal light.

“I’m thrilled to contribute fun, healthy, and most importantly delicious recipes and ideas to the From the Heart blog by Ocean Mist Farms,” said blogger of Little Bits of Real Food Kelsey Preciado. “Ocean Mist Farms products and company values are aligned with everything Little Bits of Real Food stands for, which makes this partnership that much more rewarding.”

Visit for more information, or visit Ocean Mist Farms’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for additional inspiration.

CASTROVILLE, Calif. (Aug. 8, 2017)Ocean Mist Farms is proud to announce the expansion of its product line to include 3 lb. Brussels sprouts halves. On display at PMA Foodservice’s Fresh Ideas Showcase, the company extended the product line to the Foodservice segment as a natural progression of its dedication to the value-added program.

The halves come pre-washed, sliced and ready to prepare, diminishing prep-time for foodservice operators. Reducing the prep-time gives foodservice operators the liberty to exert more energy in recipe development and increases efficiencies.

“We’re passionate about expanding our product lines to better serve the end user,” said Diana McClean, director of marketing at Ocean Mist Farms. “Our value-added items have done well at retail, so we are excited to offer a similar approach to the Foodservice industry."                                                                         

Brussels sprouts, high in Vitamin C, were one of the first vegetables the Ocean Mist Farms family grew beginning in the early 1990s. Currently, Ocean Mist packages Brussels by the stalks, in clamshells, and ready-to-eat microwavable bags.

“It’s humbling to see how Ocean Mist has transformed over the years,” McClean said. “Our hope is to continue to spread our family farm values and high-quality products to our customers.”

Halves are available in 4x3, 6x3, or 8x3 case sizes. For more information about the company or products, visit

CASTROVILLE, Calif. (July 18, 2017)Ocean Mist® Farms is proud to announce their participation in the Tour de Fresh three-day cycling event, supporting the Salad Bars to Schools initiative, for a second year. The event begins July 25 in Pismo Beach and will conclude with a loop of Monterey, prior to PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo July 27, where two Ocean Mist employees – John Pattullo and Paul Scheid – will ride along with 50 peers in the industry to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to schools across the country.

John Pattullo, riding for Boulder Valley School District in Colo., and Paul Scheid, riding for Fairfax County Public Schools in Va. have raised a combined $1,725 toward their $7,000 goal. Over the next three weeks, both John and Paul will be training for their ride and asking for fundraising support in order to place a salad bar in each of their school districts.

“It’s important to Ocean Mist Farms to provide nutritious meals for the younger generation because they are the ones who will help carry out our vision one day,” said Diana McClean, director of marketing for Ocean Mist Farms. “We are motivated to give back to causes that align with our company’s core values and couldn’t be more proud of John and Paul for making the time to train and fundraise for a cause they believe in personally as well.”

The 93-year-old legacy at Ocean Mist Farms is to continuously invest in the community, health and wellness, which aligns with the mission of Tour de Fresh. As previous salad bar donors through the Grower-Shipper Association, Ocean Mist Farms expects their riders will be able to provide both salad bars in their respective districts.

Tour de Fresh has a goal to raise at least $150,000 to privately finance 50 salad bars in U.S. schools this year. The combination of efforts from riders’ friends, family members, and industry leaders supporting the event have successfully raised $113,000 to date, and Ocean Mist Farms encourages donations through the website at through July 27 in order to make this year’s goal a reality.

As a presenting sponsor, Ocean Mist® Farms is proud to announce that this year’s Artichoke Food & Wine Festival experienced a record 27% increase in attendees from last year, confirming that the California state vegetable continues to excite people seeking to explore new flavorful applications featuring the celebrated artichoke.

The company has been a key supporter of this two – day festival for several years with the intent to elevate artichoke awareness, inspire consumption, and give back to the local community where the vegetable is notoriously grown. Their efforts included bringing several local media to cover the event and encourage local community members to stop by and experience all things artichoke.

In order to support their trade partners’ sales of artichokes throughout the year, the Ocean Mist Farms event sponsorship helps host the ever popular Farmer’s Market and Agro Art competition, 13+ chef demos, field tours & food booths featuring artichokes as the hero.

The annual Ocean Mist Farms Academic Scholarship presentation took place on Saturday afternoon. This Scholarship program recognizes students who demonstrate the Company’s guiding values of Integrity, Quality, Passion and Success in their daily lives and in their pursuit of higher education.

“This year’s recipients each received scholarship funds toward their college education, which supports our community education initiative,” said director of marketing for Ocean Mist Farms Diana McClean.

In addition to helping spread the word about artichokes, both locally and nationally, this event is a celebration of the Castroville community and heritage. Proceeds from the Festival support several local programs including like Ag Against Hunger, the local community centers, school libraries, and senior activity centers.

“Looking toward next year, we’re hopeful that more and more non-residents of Central Calif. will continue to join us, as this event becomes a highlight of the year for artichoke enthusiasts all over the country,” McClean added.

Next year’s Artichoke Food & Wine Festival is June 2-3, 2018. For more information about Ocean Mist Farms, please visit or visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

CASTROVILLE, Calif. (Feb. 21, 2017)Ocean Mist® Farms seeks to honor their customers as well as local families with more than just high-quality service, products and leadership. To support the youth of local communities surrounding the Ocean Mist Farms production areas in Monterey, Riverside, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties, The Ocean Mist Farms Academic Scholarship Program recognizes deserving students each year by awarding a total of five $1,000 academic scholarships.

The 93-year legacy of Ocean Mist Farms is embodied by the company’s strong belief in the Guiding Values of integrity, quality, passion and success. The chosen recipients of the scholarship exhibit the use of the four Guiding Values in their daily decisions and in their pursuit of education.

While there is no age requirement, applicants must reside in Monterey, Riverside, San Benito or Santa Cruz county and have a high-school GPA of 3.0 or higher. To apply, applicants must submit an essay, 500-word maximum, two letters of reference and proof of higher education acceptance and enrollment. The application will close March 1, 2017. To apply, submit materials to or print copies of each item and mail to Ocean Mist Farms Academic Scholarship Committee, 10855 Ocean Mist Parkway, Castroville, CA 95012.

CASTROVILLE, Calif. (Feb. 3, 2017)Ocean Mist® Farms plans to connect with consumers on a deeper level in 2017 with a year-long marketing approach that includes digital and permission-based marketing, public relations, and social media.

As part of the brand’s commitment to engaging more personally with consumers, Ocean Mist Farms will focus on four major consumer promotions throughout the year, including peak artichoke promotion seasons and holiday entertaining times. Through permission-based marketing, the company expects to learn more about shoppers’ preferences, which will support more customized content for future outreach. Ultimately, Ocean Mist Farms will be able to leverage the intel gathered from these four promotions to create smarter, more engaging content that inspires people to purchase more of the products they sell.

“At the end of the day, we want people to feel empowered to choose unique fresh vegetables like artichokes and Season & Steam Brussels sprouts because Ocean Mist Farms will be there to help them prepare it for the table,” said director of marketing for Ocean Mist Farms Diana McClean. “The best way for us to deliver on that promise is to listen to what our consumers want and how they prefer to engage with us. This is why we’ve committed to this level of marketing.”

The priority for this year’s marketing efforts will be to highlight the brand’s top-selling products, including artichokes, Brussels sprouts, and the expanding Season & Steam line, by sharing content that is approachable and easy to engage with, whether you are a brand-new or long-time fan.

Ocean Mist Farms will partner with nationally recognized food influencers, including thefeedfeed and others, to support each of its promotions while continuing to grow its social media communities. As a result of this years’ marketing efforts, the brand expects to grow its shopper community by tens of thousands.

For more information on Ocean Mist Farms, please visit or visit their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

CASTROVILLE, Calif. (Dec. 19, 2016) – As this season’s temperatures begin to cool down, Ocean Mist Farms is planning for its highly flavorful artichokes, known as Frost Kissed® artichokes.

Artichokes are Frost Kissed® when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, causing the skin of the artichokes to darken slightly. Similar to the way human skin reacts to a sunburn, the artichokes produce a dark brown outer layer that can flake or peel. What most people do not realize is that Frost Kissed® artichokes are actually richer in taste because the frost seals in a more intense nutty flavor. Once cooked, the brown outer layer falls off, resulting in the soft green artichoke shoppers are familiar with.

“Frosting is strictly a cosmetic condition – while the brownish color may not look the prettiest, Frost Kissed® artichokes are a favorite amongst the chef and foodie community,” said Diana McClean, director of marketing at Ocean Mist Farms.

Because Frost Kissed® artichokes look different than green artichokes, Ocean Mist Farms is implementing an education program to teach shoppers about how wonderful they taste. The company has information on its website with pictures and recipes and is sending that information to members of its artichoke club and sharing it through its digital channels. Ocean Mist Farms also provides display cards to the retail customers who stock Frost Kissed® artichokes the new few weeks.

“A Frost Kissed™ artichoke is a unique item that we don’t have every season,” McClean said. “Because they are limited, we are committed to educating and encouraging shoppers to keep an eye out for them at their local retailers throughout the winter season.”

A partnership with social media influencers at thefeedfeed will follow the first freeze of the season, where recipe posts will be shared on their social media and blog platforms of more than 2 million fans to educate people about the flavor benefits and proper cooking technique for Frost Kissed® artichokes. This commitment to third-party influence has Ocean Mist Farms feeling confident that consumers will actively seek Frost Kissed® artichokes in their grocery stores now through March 2017.

The company will notify buyers as soon as a frost hits, and is available to support educating the “front line team” of produce managers. For more information about the company, or to order a quantity of the Frost Kissed® POS, visit

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – Oct 14, 2016 – Ocean Mist Farms was named a packaging innovator by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), which bestowed its annual Impact Awards: Excellence in Packaging at the organization’s international convention and exposition in Orlando today.

The award recognizes companies with exceptional produce packaging that demonstrates “out-of-the-box-thinking” and makes an impact with consumers.

The newest addition to Ocean Mist Farms’ value-added Season & Steam product line, Sweet Baby Broccoli, received the 2016 PMA Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging.  The company’s SuperShreds SuperFoodÒ, Quick Cook SproutsÒ, Baby Sprouts and whole Brussels sprouts received the award in 2012; microwaveable artichokes in 2011; and KalettesÒ in 2015.

All items in the Season & Steam product line use Ocean Mist Farms’ Steamfast microwavable package that gives users the option to pre-season the contents to their flavor preference, reseal with the zip lock and steam by microwave all within the same bag.

The PMA Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging recognizes and encourages excellence in fresh produce packaging. PMA received multiple entries from several countries that were narrowed down to 20 finalists and submitted to a panel of judges who selected the winners based on the following attributes: Marketing, sustainability, food safety, and convenience and supply chain efficiency/functionality.

SweetBabyBroccoliOMF.Season.Steam.Line6stacked[1]IMPACT AWARD PMA 2016


CASTROVILLE, Calif. – Sept. 20, 2016 – Ocean Mist Farms will debut the newest member of its award-winning Season & Steam value-added fresh vegetable line at PMA in booth 642.

Ocean Mist Farms’ Season & Steam Sweet Baby Broccoli is packaged in an innovative Steamfast microwavable pack that gives users the option to open the bag, pre-season the contents to their flavor preference, reseal with the zip lock and steam by microwave all within the same bag.

The SteamFast packaging is gusseted for a stand up, face forward shelf presentation and has a suggested retail price of $3.50 per bag depending on the region.  The 8-ounce package is bilingual, in French and English, for export and includes cooking instructions and usage ideas on the bottom gusset.

Diana McClean, director of marketing, said with the line extension the company wants to experience the same success in the broccoli category as it did with the Brussels sprouts category.

“Our Season & Steam bag addresses multiple culinary and consumer trends,” McClean said. “We want to meet consumer demand and make Sweet Baby Broccoli easy and convenient to cook at home.”

Ocean Mist Farms’ Season & Steam Sweet Baby Broccoli is a finalist for PMA’s annual packaging innovation awards.

In addition to the full Season & Steam line, Ocean Mist Farms will showcase its organic line, Ocean Mist Organic, and the more than 30 other fresh vegetables the company grows at the show.  And, through the Produce for Better Health Foundation, the company will host retail registered dieticians for a portion of the show, demonstrating the fast and easiest ways to prepare a fresh artichoke.

“We are looking forward to educating these important group of influencers about artichokes so they in turn can educate their shoppers,” McClean said.

SweetBabyBroccoli_render_front OMF.Season.Steam.Line6stacked[1]