Chicken with Artichokes & Pancetta (Pollo con carciofi e pancetta)

A delicious sauce for chicken or any other meat.

Recipe Information

Serves: 4
Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 1 Hour


4 Chicken breasts, grilled
1/2 Stick organic salted butter
2 Artichokes, steamed
4 Pieces cooked bacon or pancetta
1-2 Tbs. flour
Fresh lemon


In a skillet, brown the butter and add flour until the sauce has the consistency of gravy.
Add cooked bacon or pancetta to skillet.Cut up steamed artichoke stems, parts of leaf flesh and hearts; add to skillet. Cook until bacon and artichokes are heated.
Pour a little bit on top of the chicken breast and drizzle with a little lemon juice.


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