4 Big ArtichokeHealth Benefits

What's not to love about artichokes? Delicious and fun to eat from the leaves to the heart – artichokes remain a consumer favorite year-round. However, you might not be aware that artichokes are also a nutrient powerhouse. Check out the 4 biggest ways that artichokes can positively impact your health.

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One medium artichoke has a whopping 6 grams of dietary fiber – that's a quarter of the recommended daily amount – and more fiber than in one whole cup of prunes! Yet an artichoke has only 60 calories.

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Artichokes contain 4 grams of protein – a significant amount for a vegetable.

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Artichokes contain a unique form of fiber known as inulin. Inulin is one of the most available and the more promising prebiotics in the food supply; it's also the preferred form of prebiotic used in animal and human research studies.1

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Artichokes rank number one over all vegetables in term of antioxidant count, according to research conducted by the US Department of Agriculture.2

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2 J Agric Food Chem. 2006 Dec 27;54(26):9966-77.