Apple Glazed Brussels Sprouts

apple glazed brussels sprouts-900w

I'm a fan of the mantra that if it grows together, it goes together, so it made perfect sense to combine apples and Brussels sprouts with a little butter and cinnamon and call it delish!  The key, though, it making sure your apple chunks and Brussels sprouts are a similar size so you can enjoy them both with each bite.

 apple glazed brussels sprouts

This recipe has me wanting to go apple picking so we can enjoy the whole process from field to fork.  That sounds fun doesn't it?  I'm hoping to make it a family affair at one of the southern California orchards in my area.

apple glazed brussels sprouts-3

I haven't even mentioned what a great flavor and texture pecans add to this dish.  Nuts are one of my favorite ways to add a little excitement to any recipe, and they are definitely a must in these Apple Glazed Brussels Sprouts.  You can even opt for walnuts if that's your favorite.  Both are divine!


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