Castroville Growing Region




Known for its coastal, Mediterranean-like climate, Castroville's temperatures and lush soil provide the perfect growing conditions for nearly 30 different Ocean Mist Farms vegetable items. It is, in fact,  the original home to Ocean Mist Farms’ artichokes - first planted nearly 100 years ago!

Aside from artichokes which are grown year-round, the majority of our Castroville vegetables are grown and harvested from this location March - November. Our vertically-integrated production has allowed us to implement gold standard best practices at every stage of the production cycle - from planting all the way through harvesting, processing, cooling and distribution. That means we control every single aspect of the growing and distribution process – not something all fresh produce brands can say!

Through our rigorous food-safety principles and procedures, Ocean Mist Farms is able to provide our shoppers with not only the best quality products, but also products that are wholesome, nutritious, and safe. To learn more about our food safety commitment, click here.