100 Years

Ocean Mist Farms, founded in 1924, marks a century of success in agriculture. From humble beginnings, we've grown to become North America's largest artichoke grower and shipper, setting the Gold Standard for quality produce. Join us as we celebrate our legacy and look forward to continued excellence.

In honor of our century-long heritage, Ocean Mist Farms proudly introduces new packaging that pays homage to our rich history. As we continue to uphold the standards of excellence set by our founders, this new packaging serves as a tribute to our enduring legacy. Join us in celebrating 100 years of excellence and explore our fresh produce with a touch of history in every package.

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The establishment of Ocean Mist Farms goes back to 1924, a century ago, when Daniel Pieri, Amerigo, Angelo Del Chiaros, and Jim Bellone, the founding members, immigrated to the US from Italy. They settled in Castroville, California, now renowned as the self-proclaimed Artichoke Center of the World. They joined forces with another founding father, Alfred Tottino, to form the California Artichoke & Vegetable Growers Corporation. This entity served as their business entity for 71 years until 1995, when they officially adopted the name Ocean Mist Farms.


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Early on, the partners conducted business in an old tin-roofed shed with no electricity or telephones, and business was done with a handshake. The first crop planted was artichokes, arguably the most challenging vegetable to grow, followed by Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Castroville provided the perfect trifecta of year-round sun, fertile nutrient-rich soil, and fog, which provides moisture and natural air conditioning to the fields. These factors create one of the few actual “Mediterranean climates” in this country, which artichokes love and thrive in. 

Ocean Mist expanded its operations, acquired more acreage, and established southern growing regions for winter crops. Its recent expansion in Coachella solidified its dominance as the largest grower/shipper of artichokes in North America. 

The enduring cornerstone of Ocean Mist's success lies in its most valuable asset, its people. Over the past ten decades, they have fostered a culture of excellence and hard work. The sense of pride and humility among the team, past and present, is a testament to their dedication. Their contributions have propelled the company toward remarkable achievements and made this milestone possible.

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