Ocean Mist Farms Gold Standard Artichoke

Ocean Mist Farms has been the Gold Standard in artichoke production for 95 years.

Growing Region
Castroville, CA is where we call home, and is in fact, where our very first artichokes were planted over nine decades ago.  Our four ambitious founders selected the Mediterranean-like climate in this central California area because of its similarity to this Italian vegetable's native home across the Atlantic.  Castroville's mild, coastal temperatures are perfect for growing the Gold Standard artichoke!

Farming Practices

Ocean Mist Farms' vertically integrated operations means that we oversee every stage of the production cycle. From seed R&D, land selection, cultivation and planting all the way to harvesting, processing, cooling and distribution, we maintain Gold Standard best practices at every step in the farming and distribution process.

Natural Resource Management

Ocean Mist Farms has been committed to preserving and enhancing our farmland and surrounding ecosystems  since we first started growing fresh vegetables in 1924. Here are just a few ways that we are committed to Gold Standard sustainability initiatives:
  • By using recycled water to minimize salt water intrusion
  • By using careful irrigation management to prevent nutrient run-off
  • By employing a robust crop-rotation program to maintain soil health & aid pest prevention
  • By using energy efficient LED lighting & low-emission technologies wherever possible
Ocean Mist Farms Gold Artichokes

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