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With its rich, deep green color, the artichoke is a natural complement to the produce department. They also "stack" well when building large end-cap displays. When kept cool and moist, Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will look and taste fresh for nearly two weeks.

There is not one right to display fresh artichokes – it all depends on your display resources, space allotment and sales velocity. To get started, read through the tips below to help merchandise fresh artichokes in your store!

Proper Handling

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It is recommended for artichokes to be refrigerated while on display at 34° Fahrenheit, 1° Celsius.

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Do not re-trim the stems. Ocean Mist Farms harvests each artichoke with two and a half-inch stems to keep in the natural moisture. Re-trimming will cause the artichokes to lose up to 30% of their moisture and weight. It is natural for the stems to darken within minutes of trimming.

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Trays or bowls work well as merchandising tools to keep the artichoke stems hydrated.

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Remove any damaged petals before putting your artichokes on display.


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Merchandise artichokes on their sides, stem-to-stem, for easier handling by you and your shoppers.

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Place next to lemons for both color blocking and encouraging an impulse purchase. Lemons are commonly used in preparing fresh artichokes. Create a satellite display in the meat and seafood department to encourage simple shopping for meal solutions. Artichokes make the perfect side dish with any meat, poultry or fish dish.

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Merchandise fresh artichokes near dipping ingredients such as mayo, balsamic vinegar and ready-to-eat sauces to encourage customers to buy not only the artichoke, but a complementary item as well.


Optimize artichoke item assortment for incremental sales. Top performing retailers offer 2 unique artichoke items.*

*Nielsen Perishables Group Fresh Facts 52 Weeks Ending 8/31/2019

All AboutArtichoke Sizes

Ocean Mist Farms artichokes come in a variety of sizes ranging from Baby to Jumbo.

Large Artichokes

large artichoke

Medium Artichokes

medium-sized artichoke
medium-sized artichoke

Small Artichokes

small artichoke
small artichoke

Baby Artichokes


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