CASTROVILLE, Calif. – April 4, 2016 – Ocean Mist Farms is expanding its award-winning Season & Steam line of fresh convenient vegetables with cleaned and ready to cook fresh artichokes.

The Season & Steam line, first launched in 2012 with whole and multiple cuts of Brussels sprouts (SuperShreds SuperFood®, Quick Cook Sprouts®,  whole Brussels sprouts and Baby Sprouts), expanded with Kalettes® in 2015 and artichokes in 2016.

“Artichokes are what we’re known for but they are a highly fibrous vegetable and take longer to cook so we’ve perfected the offering,” said Diana McClean, director of marketing.

Ocean Mist Farms Season & Steam fresh vegetables are unique in that the package technology allows user to open the bag prior to cooking, pre-season the contents to their flavor preference, reseal with the zip lock and steam by microwave all within the same bag.

The ability to pre-season the fresh vegetable contents (prior to cooking) is an exclusive convenience attribute to the produce department.

“Some people are intimidated by eating artichokes,” McClean said. “The Season & Steam bag takes all the fear out of the process with home cooks easily making perfectly cooked artichokes in seven minutes.”

Ocean Mist Farms Season & Steam artichokes are available to customers in the United States; the company is supporting the launch with media relations and other activities designed to generate awareness for the new product.


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