CASTROVILLE, Calif. – March 31, 2014 – Ocean Mist Farms rebuilt www.oceanmist.com  from the ground up in order to improve the online experience for all site visitors.

The improvements include an entire redesign of navigation and content that will promote the usage and retail sales of all Ocean Mist Farms’ products, said Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development

The new site is now in a fully responsive format that makes it user friendly for any device: desktop or mobile.

DeskTop Screenshot of New Oceanmist Website

“Whether the consumer is at home or in-store, recipes and product knowledge are now easier to find,” Tuggle said. “For our trade customers and consumers of our 30 fresh vegetables, we remodeled Oceanmist.com to make it easier to find the vegetable topic and be the online resource they look for.”

Beyond staple vegetables such as Iceberg lettuce and broccoli, Oceanmist.com is a largely visited online resource for specialty item content such as artichokes, Fava beans, cardone and Brussels sprouts.  Content includes helpful facts such as how and where the product is growing, and videos showing how the fresh vegetables are grown and harvested.

Specifically for artichoke consumers, the company moved and remodeled the Internet’s largest collection of artichoke content web pages into a separate URL: www.allaboutartichokes.com.  This will help the artichoke consumer find exactly content they are looking for in one location.  This website includes short, “how-to” videos for every artichoke cooking format as well as simple basics such as “how to remove the fuzzy artichoke center.”

For its exclusive audience of almost 40,000 Artichoke Club members, Ocean Mist Farms created a separate domain and site: www.artichokeclub.com  to help engage and grow membership.

“The goal of our website rebuilds was to modernize the backend and frontend content to make it more consumer friendly while improving the user experience,” Tuggle said. “Not very many people have seen how Brussels sprouts grow or are harvested. Our updated site will make it easy to find and watch this video directly on any device.

“It is a priority for us to keep our online presence and content up to date with emerging trends.  As technology improves and the use of mobile devices increases at an exponential rate, the way a web site is built is just as important as the content.  If not maintained, content will not reach our target audience.”

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