Celery is considered by chefs and home cooks alike as one of the “big four” staples when making stocks, sauces and countless other dishes.  Not only are the stalks and ribs edible, but celery leaves can also be used as an herb to add a rich flavor to any dish.


  • Contains no fat
  • Good source of vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Look for crisp, green stalks with fresh leaves.
  • The stalk of celery should feel heavy for its size.
  • Celery “hearts” are the tender innermost ribs of the celery stalk.
  • To store, trim base and remove any damaged ribs. Rinse and put in a plastic bag. Refrigerate in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for about two weeks.
  • To refresh, trim ends and chill in ice water.
  • Celery can be frozen in plastic bags and used in dishes calling for cooked celery.
  • To prepare celery, rinse well in clear, cold water, separating the stalks slightly as you rinse. Cut off the base and very tips of each stalk.

Growing &Harvest

Ocean Mist Farms celery is grown in three different California regions so we can harvest field-fresh celery from January to March and June to December.  We use drip irrigation to ensure consistency in color, girth, length and weight. Celery stalks and hearts are trimmed directly in the field and hand-packed into protective packaging. Watch the harvest video below to see exactly how this is done to ensure premium quality for your favorite recipes.

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