Green Onions

Green onions are young shoots of onion bulbs and are known for their milder taste compared to large-bulb onions. The bright green tops and bulb are both edible and are sold in bunches or bags.

  • Low in calories
  • No fat or cholesterol
  • Green onions should have bright, green tops and firm, white bulbs.
  • Store green onions in plastic bags in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for up to five to seven days.
  • Be sure to store green onions away from odor-sensitive foods like mushrooms and corn, which can absorb the odor of the onions.
  • To prepare green onions, rinse in clear, cold water; trim off roots and cut as desired.

Growing &Harvest

Ocean Mist Farms grows only the very best green onion varieties for our customers year-round. We harvest by hand, bunch carefully, and pack and cool within four hours following Ocean Mist Farms’ strict quality control measures.