Iceberg Lettuce

Ever wonder how iceberg lettuce got its name? Back in the 1920s, lettuce was transported by train in cars filled with crushed ice, making them look like icebergs. Today, consumers enjoy the crunchy texture and refreshing taste of field fresh iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce comes in tight, dense heads similar to cabbage, and is considered the mildest of the lettuce varieties.

  • Excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K
  • Low in calories and sodium
  • Fat and cholesterol-free
  • Choose an iceberg lettuce head that is round, firm and has no discoloration on the outer leaves. Avoid spongy or misshapen heads.
  • The color of iceberg lettuce varies throughout the year, but the preferred color is light- to medium-green.
  • Store lettuce in perforated plastic bags wrapped in damp paper towels and keep it in the refrigerator vegetable crisper for up to five to seven days
  • Rinse leaves in colander with cold water.
  • For the best eating experience, remove excess moisture after washing by using a salad spinner or patting leaves dry.

Growing &Harvest

Ocean Mist Farms iceberg lettuce is grown year-round in prime-growing regions of California and Arizona. We only grow varieties that produce a very uniform, round-shaped head of lettuce with consistent color, texture and flavor. Each head is hand-harvested in the field, trimmed, packed and cooled within four hours, following Ocean Mist Farms’ strict quality control measures.

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