Leaf Lettuce

Leaf lettuce is a year-round favorite for its versatility and nutritious flavor and texture.  There are several varieties of leaf lettuce, which consist of large, loosely packed leaves joined at a stem. Ocean Mist Farms grows red and green leaf lettuce and the tender butter lettuce. Often used in tossed salads, sandwiches and as wraps, leaf lettuce continues to be a fresh favorite in the produce aisle.

  • Excellent source of vitamin A
  • Green and leaf lettuce are a good source vitamin C
  • Low in sodium and calories  
  • Fat-free
  • Look for a full head, bright color and leaves that are fresh and crisp.
  • Avoid any yellow or limp leaves.
  • Store lettuce in perforated plastic bags wrapped in damp paper towels and keep it in the refrigerator vegetable crisper for up to five to seven days
  • Rinse leaves in colander with cold water.
  • For the best eating experience, remove excess moisture after washing by using a salad spinner or patting leaves dry.


Butter lettuce has large, loose heads with thick leaves and an even green coloring throughout the vegetable. 
Green Leaf

Green LeafLettuce

This nutrient-rich variety has tender and delicate green leaves that are less crisp than romaine or iceburg lettuce. 
Red Leaf

Red LeafLettuce

This calorie-free lettuce brings color, light texture and a distinctive flavor to any type of salad.

Growing &Harvest

In order to grow premium leaf lettuce year-round, we farm in ideal growing climates throughout California. Ocean Mist Farms leaf lettuce - Green Leaf, Red Leaf and Butter - are hand-harvested, trimmed and packed in the field early in the morning to preserve maximum freshness then delivered to our cooler for consistent quality.