Romaine is truly one of the world’s great lettuces - nutritious, delicious and versatile. Romaine has medium-to-dark green, long, crisp leaves with firm white ribs almost to the tip of the leaf. As you reach the center, the romaine heart leaves become smaller, more yellow and sweeter.


  • Excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K
  • Low in calories and sodium
  • No fat or cholesterol
  • Look for crisp leaves, free of dark spots or cracked ribs.
  • Avoid heads with any browning, discoloration, or dehydrated.
  • Store lettuce in perforated plastic bags wrapped in damp paper towels and keep it in the refrigerator vegetable crisper for up to five to seven days
  • Rinse leaves in colander with cold water.
  • For the best eating experience, remove excess moisture after washing by using a salad spinner or patting leaves dry.

Growing &Harvest

In order to grow premium romaine lettuce year-round, we have growing regions with ideal climates throughout California. Our romaine and romaine hearts are hand harvested, trimmed and packed in the field early in the morning to preserve maximum freshness.

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