Season & Steam

Ocean Mist Farms’ award-winning microwavable packaging technology makes cooking fresh vegetables fast and convenient!  Each Season & Steam package of fresh vegetables is a cleaned and ready-to-use. This is the only steam bag that gives the option to pre-season your vegetables, reseal and steam for a completely customized meal solution. This exclusive technology is available for artichokes, sweet baby broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower, vegetable medleys, and three Brussels sprouts items  (SuperShreds SuperFood®, Quick Cook Sprouts® and Microwavable Wholes).



Sweet BabyBroccoli

Even the pickiest veggie eaters will love our Sweet Baby Broccoli with its sweeter, milder flavor and softer texture. And you will love how quickly you can have a nutritious, delicious side on the dinner table! Ready in only three minutes, all you need to do is cut open the bag, season, seal and microwave. It really is that easy!


Looking for a simpler way to enjoy fresh artichokes? Try our no prep microwavable artichokes! Fresh and ready to cook in our special steam package, you'll enjoy the same great Ocean Mist Farms artichoke flavor in seven minutes or less. Simply open, add in your favorite artichoke seasoning, reseal and pop in the microwave for a quick and flavorful family favorite.
Microwavable Whole
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

Microwavable WholeBrussels Sprouts

Simplify dinner time with our microwavable whole Brussels sprouts. Simply open the resealable bag, drizzle or sprinkle in your favorite seasonings like salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic salt or chicken broth. Reseal and microwave for five minutes. Serve as is or finish off by roasting in the oven or on the grill.
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

Supershreds SuperfoodBrussels Sprouts Shreds

We've taken quick and easy to a new level with our Season & Steam™ shredded Brussels sprouts. These thinly sliced sprouts are prepped and ready to use in salads, sautés or tacos - 100% fresh and without additives. Now you can be the star of dinnertime in only three minutes!
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

Quick Cook SproutsBrussels Sprouts Halves

Cut your roasted Brussels sprouts recipe time in half with our Quick Cook Sprouts. Already halved and quartered for you, all you need to do is drizzle in some olive oil and your favorite seasoning, seal and steam in our special microwavable steam-bag for just five minutes. Finish them off by roasting them in the oven until evenly browned.
Season and Steam Broccoli Florets
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

MicrowaveBroccoli Florets

If you need a 3-minute side dish seasoned just the way you like it, look no further.  Season & Steam Broccoli Florets yield the perfect texture every time. Simply open the bag, drizzle or sprinkle in your favorite seasoning, reseal, microwave and enjoy! 

Season and Steam Floret Medley
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

MicrowaveFloret Medley

Our cauliflower and broccoli floret medley offers double the flavor and double the nutrition in one simple meal solution.  Cut down your cook time and your dirty dishes, and enjoy these tender-crisp veggies flavored just the way you like them. No stress, just a delicious, nutritious dish!

Season and Steam Vegetable Medley
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

MicrowaveVegetable Medley

Add some color to the dinner table in just 3 minutes! We've taken a beloved medley of carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and made it even easier to enjoy!  Plus, with our Season & Steam technology, you're able to season before popping into the microwave which means your favorite flavors cook into the veggies as they steam in the bag.


Season and Steam Cauliflower Rice
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

MicrowaveCauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice just got easier! Whether you want to sneak a veggie into a dish or need the perfect stand-in for carb-free night, look no further. Season & Steam Cauliflower Rice is perfectly crumbled from heads of fresh cauliflower and ready to eat in 3 minutes.  

Season and Steam Cauliflower Florets
Quick & Easy Fresh Veggies

MicrowaveCauliflower Florets

Tired of your regular sides? Season & Steam Cauliflower Florets are a versatile addition to almost any meal. Season with a little salt and pepper before steaming and top off with a drizzle of garlic butter for a winning flavor combo.  Need a trick for the kids around the dinner table? Sprinkle grated parmesan on top for smiles all around.