Lemon Artichoke Ice Cream

Lemon and artichokes pair perfectly in this delightful ice cream. 

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Serves: 2
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Prep Time: 15 hours
Cook Time: 20 minutes
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Dietary Preferences



  • 1 cooked (microwaved) artichoke heart, finely chopped

  • 1/3- cup sweetened condensed milk

  • 1/3- cup of half & half

  • ½ Tablespoon fresh lemon juice

  • ½ teaspoon grated lemon zest

  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

  • 1/3- cup of half & half

  • 1/3- cup sweetened condensed milk

  • 1/3- cup heavy whipping cream
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  1. Microwave artichokes, following directions on Season & Steam package (or using your preferred method for cooking a whole artichoke).

  2. Whisk together all the ingredients in a small bowl.

  3. Pour into the frozen ice cream maker cylinder.  Turn on for 20 minutes.

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