Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our line of Ocean Mist Farms vegetables? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't answered below,  send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you within 3 business days.

Artichoke FAQs

Ocean Mist- How To Eat an Artichoke Gifographic (allaboutartichokes)

Unfortunately, we do not sell any of our products directly to the public. For mail order artichokes, we suggest you order through Goldbelly.  
Ocean Mist Farms artichokes are sold to fine restaurants and retailers across North America. If you do not see artichokes in your grocery store, we suggest that you put in a special request with the Produce Department.

Heirloom artichokes are produced from rootstock and are grown perennially, meaning they are farmed and produced in the same field for many years. Click here for more information.

Annual artichokes are grown from seed. We plant artichoke seeds into preformed trays in greenhouses. When the plants are about five inches tall, we transplant them into the fields using a specialized machine. Click here for more information.

California winter frosts can yield “Frost Kissed” Artichokes that are available in stores for a limited time. Frost causes the outer layer of the artichoke to turn brown, flake and peel, much like we do after getting sunburned.

Although the brownish color may not look pretty, “Frost-Kissed” Artichokes taste delicious and actually have a more intense flavor than green, “Frost-Free” artichokes. Frost enhances the flavor of the artichoke resulting in a nutty taste. Once cooked, the peeling disappears resulting in a delicious, green artichoke.

Artichokes are “Frost-Kissed” when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Following a freeze, artichoke plants take two to three weeks to start producing “Frost-Free” artichokes again.

Before you get to the fun stage of cooking and eating your artichokes, you’ll want to make sure the artichokes are in the freshest state possible. For refrigerated storage, slice a dime width off of the artichoke stem, sprinkle the raw artichoke stems with water and refrigerate in an airtight plastic bag.
Cooked artichokes should be cooled completely and covered before you put them in the refrigerator, where they can keep for up to a week. Artichokes are great for cooking the night before. Reheat in the oven or microwave before serving, stuffing, grilling or using as an ingredient in another dish. Visit our Easy Prep Video section for details on these and other cooking methods. Click here.
Take your fresh artichoke and rinse it well under cold water. If you have one handy, we even recommend using any soft kitchen brush and giving the choke a quick brush down to remove the natural, light film an artichoke produces while growing. This can give the choke a bitter taste if not removed. Click here for more information on how to prepare an artichoke.
We select organic acreage that is naturally suited to the crop, maximizing fertility and minimizing inputs such as water. This allows us to grow premium Globe Artichokes using organic cultivation methods. We adhere to strict organic cultivation standards outlined in the National Organic Program (NOP), the federal regulatory framework governing organic foods, administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). At Ocean Mist Farms, we strive to produce the best quality vegetables in balance with nature. Our goal is to continue to be true stewards of the land and to produce quality vegetables responsibly all year round. Click here for more information.
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Ocean Mist Farms does not add any chemicals, dyes, additives or food coloring to our artichokes. Artichokes are packed in the fields and then shipped directly to grocers. Watch our artichoke harvest video to learn how we harvest our artichokes.

When artichokes are cooked in hot or boiling water, the water will turn green, which is a normal reaction. When an artichoke is heated and boiled in water, the artichoke’s chlorophyll is released into the water, causing the water to turn green.

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in most plants and green vegetables. An artichoke’s variety and the time of year also affect the amount of chlorophyll in an artichoke, so the boiling water might be “greener” based on the type of artichoke you are cooking and the time of the year.

Providing safe and nutritious vegetables of high quality to our customers is our number one priority. We only use pesticides that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations for consumer safety. Only U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered chemicals are used within legal tolerances. Our Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) requires minimal use of chemicals and use of alternative (non-chemical) solutions first to address pest pressures.

For organic crops, natural pesticides are used, such as extracts from the Chrysanthemum flowers. Materials used on conventional crops are often very similar, with similar chemistry, except that in this case, the extract would be synthetically produced and have greater efficacy. Our ultimate goal is to produce the best quality product while protecting our natural resources.

No, Ocean Mist Farms’ crops are not genetically modified. We use seeds that are produced through traditional methods. As part of our plant R&D efforts we use traditional breeding programs that do not include genetic engineering.

Artichokes are actually a flower and if left on the plant will eventually bloom with a purple center. The warmer temperatures of Summer and Fall can make the petals flare out, like the petals of a flower would bloom. This flower-like behavior is referred to as Spread.

The longer amount of sunlight during Summer and Fall can make an artichoke grow extra-long thorns and can make the artichoke grow in a more conical shape.

Food Safety FAQs

Consumers should read packaging carefully to determine if products are pre-washed and ready-to-eat. Some of our products are pre-washed and ready-to-eat and some are not. For best results on products that aren't pre-washed, we recommend not washing produce until you are ready to consume it, because it may cause the produce to age at a faster pace. Be sure to store all veggies in the crisper or produce drawer in your refrigerator, away from ethylene-producing fruits & vegetables. Store produce in sealed plastic bags or clean, air-tight containers.

We apologize for any inconvenience the dirt or mud might cause. We strive to provide you with the highest quality, fresh vegetables. Please note that our products are not “ready to eat” and should be rinsed before eating regardless of whether you see dirt.

Sometimes our product gets “muddy,” especially during rainy or misty weather conditions because it’s grown and packed outside in the natural environment. We use the same harvesting practices throughout the year, rain or shine. Here is a visual example as to how and why mud can get onto some vegetables. Click here to view a short video on how Celery is harvested in the field.

E. coli is the name of a type of bacteria that lives in your intestines and in the intestines of animals. Although most types of E. coli are harmless, some types can make you sick. Click here for more information on E. coli.
To minimize the spread of food-borne illness in the home, care should be taken in the handling of food. Click here for more information.
Food safety continues to be the highest priority for Ocean Mist Farms. The health and safety of our customers always comes first. Our approach to food safety is holistic, taking full advantage of the vertical integration within our company to implement best practices at every stage of the production. Click here for more information.
Ocean Mist Farms' products are cultivated under strict food safety standards. Our farms, harvest crews, and facilities are audited by an independent, third-party auditor to ensure compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked audits. GFSI is a collaboration between international food safety experts to harmonize food safety requirements. Ocean Mist Farms' has maintained a superior rating under the GFSI scheme for the past four years.

Other Ocean Mist Farms FAQs

Ocean Mist Farms grows and harvests over 30 fresh vegetables in the Ocean Mist Farms label year-round in multiple growing regions that have the most fertile ground and productive microclimates throughout California
(Castroville, Huron, Oxnard, Coachella and Imperial Valley), in Arizona (Yuma) and in Mexico. Click here for more information.
No. Not all products packaged in a bag are washed and ready to eat. Consumers should read the packaging carefully to learn if the product is pre-washed. However, as a general practice, we always recommend that consumers give their fresh produce a good rinse before eating or preparing it.
Keep unwashed Brussels sprouts in a plastic or paper bag in the crisper section of the refrigerator. They will keep for up to a week.
Rinse with cold water and drain. Trim stem ends without cutting the base of leaves or the Brussels sprouts will come apart during cooking. Cut a shallow “x” in the base of sprouts, so the stems will cook faster. If you wish, cut large sprout lengthwise in half for a “bite-size” option.

The color of Brussel sprouts can change slightly to a purple color during cold winter weather.

Yes, the purple colored sprouts are safe to eat.

Season & Steam FAQs

Food safety continues to be the highest priority for Ocean Mist Farms. The health and safety of our customers always comes first. Our approach to food safety is holistic, taking full advantage of the vertical integration within our company to implement best practices at every stage of the production cycle, from planting all the way through harvest, processing, cooling and distribution.

Just open the bag, season, seal and steam the Season & Steam product in your microwave for the amount of time indicated on the package directions! Cooking times may vary due to varying temperatures of microwaves.

You don't need to add water to the bag to steam them. They will steam without adding any water. Click here for delicious Brussels sprouts recipes.
This exclusive Season and Steam technology is available for our artichokes, sweet baby broccoli, as well as three Brussels sprouts items: SuperShreds SuperFood®, Quick Cook Sprouts® and Microwavable Whole Brussels Sprouts.

Sustainability FAQs

No. Ocean Mist Farms does not irradiate any of our products.

Our procurement department strives to source recyclable packaging materials for all vegetable production whenever possible including cartons, film, tags and clamshells. Our clamshell containers are stamped with the international recycling code – arrows in a triangle with a number inside to designate the level of recyclability of the package. The clamshell containers are made of PET (or Polyethylene Terephthalate). Currently our flexible packaging is marked with the recycling code #4 which is the most widely acceptable recyclable packaging.

Since 1924, environmental stewardship has been a core value for Ocean Mist Farms. Respect for our natural resources, including the employees who make our success possible and the environment in which they work, is central to our organization. From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to preserving and enhancing not only the land on which we farm, but also the surrounding ecosystems. Click here for more information.

More Food Safety

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