Where our Romaine Lettuce is Grown

In order to grow premium romaine lettuce year-round, we have growing regions with ideal climates throughout California.

Visit this page for the latest information about where our romaine is currently being produced and how to identify exactly where your packaged Ocean Mist Farms romaine products came from.

Look for the White Sticker

White stickers are applied to the top front or bottom back of every Ocean Mist Farms packaged romaine or romaine hearts product specifying the growing region that particular product came from.

OMF-Romaine Growing Regions Stickers-Locations-1

Depending on the retailer where purchased, some white stickers simply specify the growing region while other white stickers have retailer-specific coded content above and below the growing region name.

OMF-Romaine Shelf Life Stickers

A "Best By" or "Sell By" date is applied at the discretion of each retailer. For illustration purposes only, the date 12-23-2020 is outlined in red above.

Our Headquarters

"Castroville, CA 95012" is listed on the every one of our branded products. This is where our headquarters is located but it does not necessarily mean that's where your romaine product was harvested. Again, look for one of the white stickers!

More Romaine Information

For romaine selection and storage tips, nutritional information, recipes, and more information about how we harvest romaine, please click the button below.

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Through our rigorous food-safety principles and procedures, Ocean Mist Farms provides our shoppers with not only the best quality romaine and other field fresh vegetables, but those that are also wholesome, nutritious, and safe. To learn more about our food safety commitment, click here.