Fan-Favorite Purple Artichoke Recipes

The wait is over and our proprietary purple artichoke variety is finally back! Renowned for their superior, rich flavor and vibrant purple color, Ocean Mist Farms Purple Artichokes have the hearts of artichoke aficionados everywhere. They’re only available for a limited time, so to be sure to enjoy as many delicious purple artichokes as you can this spring! These recipes are a great place to start and include some of the best ways to accentuate all of the unique aspects of this seasonal artichoke variety.

Creamy Crab & Spinach Stuffed Purple Artichoke

Creamy Crab & Spinach Stuffed Purple Artichokes-2

This Creamy Crab & Spinach Stuffed Purple Artichoke recipe is a must-try this purple artichoke season! Though low-calorie, low-fat, and low-carb, it does not compromise on flavor! Stuffed with creamy crab, fresh Ocean Mist Farms Value-Added Spinach, and flavors of scallions and garlic, this dish never fails to impress when hosting.

Sheet Pan Roasted Sausage, Purple Artichokes & Potatoes

Sheet Pan Roasted Sausage Artichokes Potatoes HR-3-1-1

Sheet pan meal lovers, this one’s for you! In this recipe, boiled Purple Artichokes are cut and scattered across a baking sheet with savory chicken sausage and baby potatoes, then drizzled with avocado oil, seasoned, and roasted. This six-ingredient, one-pan meal is one of the simplest ways to bring a whole meal together.

Stuffed Purple Artichokes

Stuffed Purple Artichokes-8-1-1

Stuff your Purple Artichokes to perfection with this Stuffed Purple Artichoke recipe! In this dish, a mouthwatering stuffing made with bread crumbs, lemon zest, parmesan, garlic, and parsley fills the layers of purple petals. After being cooked until perfectly tender, these stuffed purple artichokes make for the most beautiful and delectable appetizer!

Fried Purple Artichokes (Roman-Jewish Style)

Fried Purple Artichokes (Roman-Jewish Style) - Carciofi Alla Giudia Recipe-4

Zesty and addictively crunchy with a soft, tender center, you’ll be a fan of these Roman-Jewish Fried Purple Artichokes from the very first bite. Made with only five basic ingredients, this simple recipe is one of the best ways to enhance the rich flavor that Purple Artichokes brings to the table.

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