Employee Spotlight: Ten Things to Know about Oscar Cervantes

Oscar started his journey with Ocean Mist Farms in 2018 when he was hired as The Safety and Compliance Specialist.

1. Use three adjectives to describe your typical work day.

Chaotic, Challenging, and Analytical. I am responsible for ensuring Ocean Mist Farms is a safe place to work, and meets all requirements set forth.

2. What is your best memory to date at Ocean Mist Farms?

I just started teaching a First Aid/CPR to employees. I enjoy being able to share my knowledge with others and hope they are enjoying it too.

3. What is your favorite Ocean Mist Farms product?

The Artichoke.

4. Who is your hero?

Tom Brady. Five Super Bowl Rings – One for every finger on his right hand.

5. What is your personal motto?

“Work hard. Play hard.”


6. What did you want to be when you grew up?

An airplane pilot.

7. What is your hidden talent?

Cornhole…Ocean Mist Farms Company Picnic Champion. 

Employee Spotlight: Oscar Cervantes

8. What is one things on your bucket list?

Travel to Europe and see a Premier League match.

9. What is your favorite movie?

Caddyshack and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

10. What is one thing that is always in your grocery cart?

Gatorade G2, Fruit Punch Flavor.

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Baillie Buhler
We sadly had to say "Good Bye" to Baillie. She is back at Texas A&M finishing up her senior year. Enjoy her Employee Spotlights, and learn more about the People Behind the Products at Ocean Mist Farms.
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