The Surprising Health Benefits of Artichokes

We've all heard that it's good to eat more vegetables, but sometimes it's difficult to find the will to choose them over a side of boxed mac-n-cheese without a good reason. While I love a good indulgence every now and again, over the years I've learned just how much diet can affect all aspects of well-being, especially since incorporating more nutrient-dense vegetables into my diet as an Ocean Mist Farms employee!

Artichokes are certainly delicious, easy to prepare, and fun to eat, but they're also an underrated superfood. Check out these three facts you may not know about artichokes' health benefits:


1. Artichokes are one of the unique foods that contain both pre- and pro-biotics. Prebiotics are plant fibers that probiotics, or healthy bacteria in the gut, feed on (Mayo Clinic). It is essential to have both in order to maintain a healthy microbiome and good digestion, which affects everything from nutrient absorption to mood to energy levels.

2. "Inflammation" has become a buzzword lately, and for good reason. Long-term, repeated inflammation can result in chronic inflammatory diseases. The World Health Organization ranks chronic diseases as the greatest threat to human health, which are only expected to increase in the United States over the next 30 years (StatPearls Publishing). Artichokes have shown to be anti-inflammatory and used as a digestive aid to reduce bloating and promote regularity. 


3. Ranked as the number one overall vegetable for antioxidants, artichokes help combat oxidative stress related to chronic diseases and aging. Set yourself up well for the future by making good choices today!

Want to know even more benefits of eating artichokes? Check out our Artichoke Nutrition Page for a complete guide to this superfood. 

. More About Artichoke Nutrition

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