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Growing up on California's central coast, I enjoyed delicious artichokes around the family dinner table and always on Christmas Eve! It is beyond perfection that I now market artichokes for a living and get to share the Ocean Mist Farms story and my love of all things fresh.

Portable Picnic Food

Picnics, or simply eating outside, are a favorite warm weather activity.  With a bit more careful planning ahead, eating outside in the fresh air is the perfect physical distancing activity with friends and family. We each bring...

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July 30, 2020 by Diana McClean | 0 Comments

Cook Now, Eat Later: Freeze Fresh Veggies Ahead and Reduce Food Waste!

I've been looking for silver linings each day, to reset my daily perspective.  For instance, with changes in my grocery shopping frequency and cooking more at home, I've gained a heightened awareness of food waste, and a greater...

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July 22, 2020 by Diana McClean | 0 Comments

Summer Menu Made Easy

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my friends is how tough it can be to come up with fresh ideas for the dinner menu every week, particularly in these current times. Whether it's a typical weeknight dinner  or an weekend...

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July 15, 2020 by Diana McClean | 0 Comments
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