When is Artichoke Season?

Despite the thorn-adorned petals, the Artichoke is a culinary rife with an assortment of health benefits and nutritional value. They are easy to cook and are transformed into delicious and unique meals within the comfort of everyday households.

As it stands, Artichokes are produced and readily accessible year-round; though peak harvesting season for our Heirloom variety is during spring — more specifically, during the months of March, April, and May. An artichoke thrives in foggy, cool-coastal climates and requires regular nutrients through watering and feeding.  About 99% of the North American Artichokes are harvested in California, with Ocean Mist Farms being the largest grower.  Ocean Mist proprietary Globe variety produces during the times of year that the Heirloom variety is not in peak production:  May through the following March. The season for Artichoke is in a sense, all seasons.


Consuming an Artichoke can assist in fighting cholesterol. There is a beneficial chemical known as Cynarine within the Artichoke that can also help aid in digesting and absorbing fats and vitamins, making the Artichoke an excellent natural way of boosting your digestive health. In addition, Artichokes are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins K and C, making them an excellent vegetable to add to your grocery list.

How to Get the Most Out of Artichoke Season...

To get the most out of “Artichoke Season”, it is important to know what to look for when selecting an Artichoke. When selecting an Artichoke, be sure to look for an Artichoke that feels heavy and firm. Look for Artichokes that have a healthy green color, compact center leaves and an overall look of freshness. When selecting fresh Ocean Mist Artichokes during the winter months (December to February),  you might see Artichokes with a blotchy  or brown-blistered exterior, but don’t pass these by. The appearance of these Artichokes is the result of exposure to colder temperatures and frost. Connoisseurs believe these “Frost-Kissed” Artichokes have a more intense nutty flavor.


If you are not planning to cook the Artichoke immediately, a good practice for storage is to place the Artichoke in the refrigerator sprinkled with water in an airtight plastic bag. An Artichoke stored in this manner can last from five to seven days after buying them.

For restaurant-style presentation of Artichokes,  take scissors or kitchen shears and snip off the thorns on the tip of the Artichoke petals. After that, an easy and popular recipe for beginners is to steam the Artichoke. Cook the Artichoke for 30 to 45 minutes depending on size, then serve it with your favorite dip or butter sauce for a delicious meal that still retains the nutritional value within the vegetable!

So if you are looking for a  healthy vegetable for your next meal, be sure to stop by the Artichoke section on your next trip to the store! And if you are looking for variety of vegetables, be sure to look for some of our other products such as Asparagus, Broccoli, Fava Beans, Fennel (or Sweet Anise), and Spinach, which are also available during Artichoke season and various times throughout the year.

Cooking During Artichoke Season

Artichoke season means fresh artichokes are easier to find.  These amazing recipes will help you get the most out of peak Artichoke season.

Easy Baked Artichokes: Easy-baked artichokes are just that-easy to bake! By adding just a bit of olive oil and garlic, you will create a delicious and healthy snack in no time. This recipe is simple, easy to prepare, and even comes with a “how to” video!

Grilled Artichokes with Lemon: If grilling is more your style, this recipe utilizes the artichoke’s already amazing flavor, while keeping it simple for a mouthwatering result. This recipe could possibly be the highlight of your next barbecue.

Stuffed Artichokes with Bacon Mac n’ Cheese: We all know that mac n’ cheese is essentially one of the most comforting snacks.  The only thing that can really make it better is the combination of bacon and fresh Ocean Mist artichokes.

Chunky Artichoke & Vegetable Soup: Move over chicken noodle soup, we’ve got an updated recipe with chunks of the best part of the artichoke, the heart.  This traditional soup also tastes great when you are sick or even when you’re healthy.  It’s even more tasty out of a giant pot that  you can share with friends!

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