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February 2010
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Share the Love on Valentine's Day
with Long-Stem Artichokes

It’s almost Valentine’s Day — a time to focus on love, boxes of chocolate and... Artichokes! Like roses, Artichokes come in a long-stem variety, making them a delightful addition to your Valentine’s Day celebration. In this month’s article, we’ll introduce you to Long-Stem Artichokes and show you how easy they are to add to your dinner menu.

Learn to cook with Long-Stem Artichokes this Valentine's Day.

Meet Our People
Meet Our People
Rene Cardona
Dock Manager,
Ocean Mist Farms
It has been more than 40 years since I began my career at Ocean Mist Farms. First, I delivered product and learned to drive a forklift. Thanks to due diligence and hard work, I am now the dock manager. To show my appreciation, I am sure to return the favor by mentoring other forklift operators and showing them the ropes at Ocean Mist Farms.

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Did You Know
Ocean Mist Farms'
Online Videos
Do you love cooking and eating Artichokes, but want some tips on how to prepare the healthful vegetable like a pro? Check out Ocean Mist Farms' new online videos, which offer information on all things Artichokes — from how to prepare the vegetable for cooking to how Artichokes and other vegetables are grown and harvested. Plus, you’ll find step-by-step guides on how to make your favorite Artichoke recipes like Artichips and Chili and Chokes!
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Win a Gift Card!
Thanks to all members who entered the last sweepstakes, and congratulations to our winner, Tim from Sweeden, Ky.

Take part in this month's sweepstakes, and you can win a $50 gift card to use on groceries. From the Long-Stem Artichokes section, how long is the stem of most Long-Stem Artichokes?

  A. About nine inches
  B. About one inch
  C. About 15 inches
  D. About 30 inches
Restaurant Feature
Don’t want to cook this Valentine’s Day? Check out Tarpy’s, where you can start off your romantic meal with herb crusted fresh Baby Castroville Artichokes.
Artichoke Aficionados Newsletter - Recipe
Artichoke Tortilla Soup
Artichokes, corn tortillas and a mixture of veggies and spices make this soup a perfect addition to any Valentine's Day dinner.

For more great Artichoke recipes, visit
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Crop Update
Long-Stem Artichokes
Jumbo, Large and Long-Stem Artichokes are in peak season. These Artichokes have an incredible nutty favor and tender petals that are packed with delicious Artichoke meat.
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