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Ocean Mist Farms has partnered with Agricola Quintana Inc. of Mexicali Valley to create Baja Mist and together grow Mexican product under the Ocean Mist brand name.

Ocean Mist Farms has partnered with Agricola Quintana Inc. of MexicaliValley to create Baja Mist and together grow Mexican product under the Ocean Mist brand name.

Until recently, Ocean Mist Farms contracted with growers to supply Mexican grown items that typically fill in US growing vegetable gaps.  “Baja Mist gives Ocean Mist a presence in Mexico and allows us to develop infrastructure there to grow our business” says Troy Boutonnet, VP of Production at Ocean Mist Farms.

To start, the items to be grown by Baja Mist under the Ocean Mist brand are Green Onions, Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts.  The venture gives Ocean Mist the means and opportunity to expand the number of Mexican commodities grown for the Ocean Mist product line.

Agricola Quintana has been contract growing for Ocean Mist Farms since 2002. The Quintana family has a rich history in Mexican agriculture.  Carmen Quintana was President of the Mexicali Vegetable Growers Association from 1996 to 2004 and is currently the President of the Regional Produce Foundation.

Carmen’s two sons (Gilberto and Roberto Quintana) joined her in the family farming business after both graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Ocean Mist Farms has been in operation for over 82 years.  The ability to expand the OMF operation over the Mexican border decreases the barriers to a successful, year round fresh vegetable program.

“Baja Mist will allow us to maintain the high standards we follow in our US growing operations. “- says Troy Boutonnet.

Troy Boutonnet was down in Mexicali to sign the growing venture in late May.  The growing region is 1000 acres predominately in MexicaliValley.  Current Mexican Harvest Schedule for Baja Mist is:

  • Green Onions:         Year Round
  • Asparagus:              January to April
  • Brussels Sprouts:    Dec to May


Anticipated Ocean Mist advantages of the new Mexican growing partnership:

  • Speed the development of increasing volume of Mexican grown items
  • Better control over food safety, quality and growing practices that mirror domestic disciplines.
  • Solidify infrastructure & Mexican farming in Mexico
  • Gives Ocean Mist “home base” in Mexico and allows more efficient logistics & timely deliveries of Mexican product to US loading facilities in Coachella and Castroville, CA.

Under the Ocean Mist Farm’s umbrella are the following growing entities:

  • Desert Mist               (WinterDesert program)
  • Sea Mist                   (Castroville Artichokes & Vegetables)
  • Laguna Mist              (Oxnard & Southern SalinasValley)
  • Baja Mist.                  (MexicaliValley & Baja California)
  • Boutonnet Farms      (SalinasValley Vegetables)

All four internal growing operations represent Ocean Mists commitment and investment into each different growing region to provide the full Ocean Mist product line year round.

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Pictures attached:are of Baja Mist Brussels Sprout Fields.